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Thrones of Hell *Book One* by EmmyHelloKitty
Thrones of Hell *Book One*by Emma kinder
Four kings. Four crowns. Four rulers of the underworld. Four men cursed in unimaginable ways. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Four angels for four devils. One forgotten, one cursed, one...
My Girlfriends a Vampire!?!?! by Ninjacomix
My Girlfriends a Vampire!?!?!by Ninjacomix
Y/n L/n your basic 18 year old junior high school student who's just recently moved to 1273 rockefeller city the supposed most haunted place in the world but what happen...
Your Mine, Emo Boy (BoyXBoy) by OtakuUtaEmo
Your Mine, Emo Boy (BoyXBoy)by Uta X emoforever
Drugs, sex and being someone else is Aiden's ultimate escape from the world he hates, these desires are soon mysteriously personified, one might say, 'his demon has awak...
The Life as the Devil's Son by leadingwarwriter
The Life as the Devil's Sonby Laura Wenzinger
My name is Austin and this is my story. I am the Devil's son who was raised by my mother till my mother and I were captured and locked up in my father's dungeon also kno...
Forbids 10. by 4sr1ck
Forbids Asrick Montley Abbe
Forbid 10. Ways of success, ways of a balanced nature. Would you become balanced, if given the hand to become it. Balanced motion, of comotion. Seeing through all sides...
Seven. by NuggetsNotDruggets
#6 Otto Burgess
The adventures of Lucifers seven children; The Seven Deadly Sins.
Monday and the Bad Case of Demonic Possessions by Xxfallenidols
Monday and the Bad Case of Amelie
Monday- Looks over the demons who live on the surface of earth, not in Hell, and makes sure they follow some rules and cleans up their mess.
Into The Devildom by 4Demoness
Into The Devildomby 4Demoness
Come join eight incredibly unique humans as they embark on a wild life in the Devildom with a bunch of twists, turns and shenanigans. Life will never be the same for any...
La Muerte Y La Flor by Santelll
La Muerte Y La Florby Camila
Sesshomaru, el temido ángel de la muerte, resulta herido en una disputa fraternal. Ahora ha sido enviado por el alma de un humano que no debió nacer, pero sigue con vida.
Azazel (Demonology II) by blackkhedera
Azazel (Demonology II)by BH
**SEQUEL TO LILITH** **BACKUP POSTED ON MY ALT ACCOUNT T.S.I ROBINSON** My entire life is shrouded in lies. A month had passed since I learned about said lies, and I onl...
Supernatural  by FaithfulMerry
Supernatural by @Gugulethu
After sacrifice has been made. Oya is in dismay that her children might never forgive her. Abandoned and lost. They find they're pack. Built for destruction. They choos...
Don't look back by LateNightStories12
Don't look backby Yassin Yasser
A pure evil demon is unleashed by the book it takes control over the whole house. Newcomers move in they start experiencing strange paranornmal activities happening. Eve...
The Swirly Faced Demon by Maxisclassy
The Swirly Faced Demonby Little piss bitch
Jerry and Jax has lost their best friend. And the only way to get them back is to contact a swirly faced demon named D. They hope they can find their friend, they also h...
The Demonologists by thelostsoul_51
The Demonologistsby The Lost Soul
Ranking #2 in Demonology. Ed and Lorraine warren are the most famous demonologists couple who are known for the involvement within many possession cases. Edward "E...
Demon bible  by reaper765490
Demon bible by reaper765490
Basically what the bible says.
Investigation  -The Black Phone  by Moonvibess165
Investigation -The Black Phone by .
What happens when a girl by the name of Maxine Montgomery goes missing right before her best friend Vance hopper dose? When the grabber kidnapped a boy by the name of F...
Un libro de ocultismo FELIPE ILUMINATI Daniel Felipe García (666) Un libro resubido , que esta plenamente dedicado a explicar la jerarquía de nuestro infierno .
The Convergence: Hatchlings Book 1 by CeciliaOgilvy
The Convergence: Hatchlings Book 1by CeciliaOgilvy
**A teaser for my first novel coming out in February 2020** Melody's life has always been unpredictable. She's a freshly unemployed college dropout in a rocky marriage...
The End Of The Beginning - Demonology101 Novel by BrontFont
The End Of The Beginning - Bronte Kay
This is a story about a girl struggling to stay normal, and a curse that would forbid her of such a privilege. Just a few months ago, I would have taken advantage of how...