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Naruto uzumaki namizaki Senju the demon queen and the wife f the Sasuke Uchiha the demon king Naruto May be the queen but he Is more powerful thy the king but he was sea...
QUEENS. by LydiaAzaria
#2 Lydia Azaria
A girl with no fear of pain or able to satisfy her family due to getting used to it... Gets sold out by her patents and ends up living as the two most powerful queens sl...
Just your Δνεгαςε Demon (Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun x Reader) by September_Gail
Just your Δνεгαςε Demon (Welcome Gail_Purple123
Updates on Fridays [Book One] Y/n Naberius the adopted Daughter of Kalego Naberius.... Due to Kalego being busy with his Teacher work at Babyls.... Y/n get babysits from...
Goddess [One Piece X Fem!Reader FF]  by Carmable_04
Goddess [One Piece X Fem!Reader Rosie-chan💜
Have you heard about this old legend? An enchanting goddess, adored by many, committed a huge sin thousands of years ago which led to her own demise. She was beautiful...
𝗢𝗡-𝗛𝗢𝗟𝗗 Suzuki Iruma and Noemi, 14-year-old human twins, have been abandoned by their negligent and incompetent parents and sold them to a demon. Surprisingly, the...
The Demons Queen by PumpkinAuthor
The Demons Queenby Empyrean Queen
[Complete] Two days after Stan rescued Ford from the portal, Bill appears, announcing Mabel as his reincarnated Queen. Stuck with this knowledge, no one knows what to d...
And Your Penance Shall Be Dealt by HolyFalcon
And Your Penance Shall Be Dealtby Divine
(Bleach x Male Reader) 12th Story Idea
Malori and Vel ( Mage and Demon Queen fanfictions) by cersae
Malori and Vel ( Mage and Demon Cersae
This whole book is dedicated to our one and only author, Color_LES~! This is a book full of one shots and short stories about Queen Velverosa and Malori from the webcomi...
Kidnapped by the devil himself by tiajuanitia
Kidnapped by the devil himselfby JESSICA BRYAN
When a 23 year old Amanda Sues finds herself a job as a bartender at The Lucius night club she met her boss the owner of the night club Lucius Danzzel in Los Angeles, un...
Lost in a Dream by NoblessWriter
Lost in a Dreamby NoblessWriter
In ancient times the greatest warriors of the land were granted the title of ruler, tasked with the protection of their kingdom. However after the defeat of the last Dem...
His Demon Queen ( Hakuoki Fanfic) by RaeliWyk
His Demon Queen ( Hakuoki Fanfic)by Rae
Three years have passed since Chizuru left Kazama to live a quiet and peaceful life. Now Kazama arrives to fulfill his vow to come after her and is ready to make her his...
Vampire Knight- Meet The Queen by HopeLello
Vampire Knight- Meet The Queenby HopeLello
What will happen when a young Kaname Kuran is to be looked after by a demon? Kaname's parents are dead and Yuki has no memories before that snowy winter storm but when...
Another Addition [Melizabeth Fanfic] by MIKEYSimp101
Another Addition [Melizabeth
Elizabeth lioness, a girl who got pregnant by her abusive boyfriend Mael, ran away from him to start a new life with her baby boy, Tristan.
Demon Queen by WolfWarrior214
Demon Queenby Fabulous
"I want you to understand that trying to get close to Captain Rogers without being caught could take months or even years of undercover work. This would be your mos...
Male reader x monster girl harem by masterN20
Male reader x monster girl haremby Mastern20
I do not own the pictures in this story I just own the story
The Demon Lord is a Cat! by White_Kitten_Maiden
The Demon Lord is a Cat!by Zerin_Lee
A slave who was became to be a demon, she had to live her life as an immortal, cursed to have a figure of a black cat and chained to never hurt humans for as long as she...
Queens of Darkness by Mistyswirl
Queens of Darknessby Misty ❄ Lucy
So this is basically a fanatic crossover of my two favorite Wattpad authors: Sarah Benson and Kim Richardson. I'm fanficing Sarah's Born of Shadow, so you have to have a...
The Girl Who Is Lost In Her Kingdom by The_pastel_goth_girl
The Girl Who Is Lost In Her Kingdomby Winter
Once, there was a kingdom of demon the queen and king were going to have a baby they were so... Happy. When they give birth to this princess she was a demon looking they...