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Teen Helpline [#1 of the Helpline Trilogy] by dariamorgondoffer
Teen Helpline [#1 of the Helpline...by valerie
❝Hello there, this is Teen Confessions Helpline, what's the problem? Feel free to confess anything you like and we'll be there to help you every step of the way!❞ ...
In Another Life by KuriQuinn
In Another Lifeby KuriQuinn
"So, I'd risk tetanus just to see you. Apparently, it's not just reflexes I'd be lacking in, but common sense." In which Sakura imagines a different life, and...
Grin and Bear It by KuriQuinn
Grin and Bear Itby KuriQuinn
"It's nice to see that she's gotten over her infatuation with you." "This isn't funny." In which Karin is over-protective, Sakura is amused and Sasuk...
the other side of the curtain by ohkayed
the other side of the curtainby kay
Rivers Walter is hospitalised after a major car accident, right before the football finals. It's the worst thing that's ever happened to him. But then he converses with...
Carry Me (B.Seph) [BM x J.Seph ~ KARD] by LukePoiz
Carry Me (B.Seph) [BM x J.Seph ~ K...by Luke Poisonouz
'The puppy eyes never failed to get J.Seph what he wanted whenever it came to Matthew. Today wasn't different.' Keywords were added as tags.
Cole's True Love by CaptainSteve1
Cole's True Loveby No one out pizza's the Hut
In the whole world of fanfiction, very few people truly give credit to the greatest love story that Ninjago has to offer... So here, have this drabble thing I wrote (imp...
Out in the Cold by PeterJamesLamb
Out in the Coldby Peter James Lamb
This is a very short piece I wrote when asked to write something with dialogue only. Yes, that's right. No words can be used that aren't spoken. No "he said,&quo...
Trich by Socially_Awkwardness
Trichby :)
A dialogue-only story about Revara [who suffers from a severe case of trichotillomania] and her [sort-of supportive] younger brother, Reese. _______________________ Cove...
Rise. by Tokabey
Rise.by Tokabey
Fai Voh's inner voice tells her to stand.
➽Fyur➽ by MagicalMelody
➽Fyur➽by melody
Fyur. A fire that burns bright, does not last.
Behind The Screen [COMPLETE] by crocodiletears_
Behind The Screen [COMPLETE]by mira
It's not everyday you hear that your best friend's in a coma. Imagine waking up one morning after spending the night with her, only to discover that she's hit her head...
Good Things by Painted_Assassin
Good Thingsby Tobias
Michael is discovering the world and everything in it for the first time. Darren is showing Michael the world. Through this compilation of dialogues between the two char...