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And I ache [Zadr] by plushdolll
And I ache [Zadr]by hii
[aged up characters! They're in high school] Dib is growing up and he's beginning to realize many things- such as how chasing Zim is no longer something he wants to do...
Ambivalent {Zadr} (Discontinued) by OvercookedSalad
Ambivalent {Zadr} (Discontinued)by OvercookedSalad
After 6 years, Zim starts to realize that his plan to take over Earth isn't working. When he contacts the Tallest, his suspicions are proven to be correct. They tell him...
Claimed, a Zadr Omegaverse AU by Perewinklebuzz
Claimed, a Zadr Omegaverse AUby Bee/Dev
This is a just for fun book that started out as oneshots in my smut and fluff book
"You and I'll Be Safe and Sound"   (Zadr) by cwen_arthive
"You and I'll Be Safe and Sound"...by 🐚🐸🐚
An Irken and a human boy. One is a defect, unloved and ignored. The other, unheard, ignored and unloved. They are so similar, yet, so opposite. Could they ever get alon...
Zadr Smut and fluff Oneshots by Perewinklebuzz
Zadr Smut and fluff Oneshotsby Bee/Dev
Requests closed for now!
A Class Trip? (ZaDr) by fudanshwoo
A Class Trip? (ZaDr)by Fudan
We all know about how Zim and Dib are enemies, but what if that's not all it. The two must go on a class trip, and are stuck with each other. It's not like one of them a...
I HATE YOU .:(zadr):.  by MeggaDoodle
I HATE YOU .:(zadr):. by Mars
Dib and zim hate each other but for how long? What happens when one has a crush? What happens when BOTH have a crush?! (Will have smut eventually)
ZADR-Love Story by MychiefIsGood
ZADR-Love Storyby ✧𝕄𝕪𝕔𝕙𝕚𝕖𝕗✧
Zim snarled and slapped his cheek harder which surprised Dib. He then screamed at him, "WHAT IS THAT SUCH DISGUSTING! ZIM IS NOT GAY, YOU KNOW!! YOU FAGGOT LOSER...
Zadr Oneshots by Perewinklebuzz
Zadr Oneshotsby Bee/Dev
Oneshots ranging from AUs to fluff to the tiniest bit of lemon.
Dib's Experiment -Zadr- by The_Tea_OMG
Dib's Experiment -Zadr-by The_Tea_OMG
Dib decides to try a new way of exposing Zim. Dib states that it's for the sake of Earth. How Will this play out? Will it be successful or fall apart.
 I've changed (ZADR Fanfic) (Completed) by Trainfreak1
I've changed (ZADR Fanfic) (Compl...by 𝕿𝖍𝖊°𝕮𝖗𝖞𝖎𝖓𝖌°𝕵𝖊𝖘𝖙�...
(Original name was go Away) After the tallest abandon zim, 5 years pass. The tallest are running out of habitual planets to invade so their last option is earth. What ha...
The Crown Gets What the Crown Wants (royalty zadr au) by Perewinklebuzz
The Crown Gets What the Crown Want...by Bee/Dev
Zim, a struggling prostitute has an unexpected visitor, the prince himself. Enjoy this tale taken from a role play I did on amino. Y'all there is a lot of smut in this...
Hi! Welcome to my first oneshot book 🍕 So I'm JUST getting into the 'Invader Zim' tv series. (Yeah, I know, i'm 20 years old and I had a shitty childhood. :/ ) But I...
Zadr and Tagr oneshots (Discontinued) by Fr3shy_S4ns
Zadr and Tagr oneshots (Discontinu...by Wassup Yo?
Just Zim being a shit head, Dib being that paranormal addict, Gaz being a game addict, and Tak being an asshole. Oh and Gir just chillaxin.
Zadr Oneshots by OvercookedSalad
Zadr Oneshotsby OvercookedSalad
Since I kind of like this ship, I decided to make this oneshot book. So uh, yeah. I will do: Fluff 🌸 Angst 💐 Smut💮
Refracted Perspectives (a ZaDr fanfic) (DISCONTINUED) by SweetieSketch
Refracted Perspectives (a ZaDr fan...by SweetieSketch
After childhood fights are forgotten, Zim and Dib Start to get along, but would Dib still expose Zim given the chance? And would Zim go back to Irk if he did? Dib would...
Gravity of You [Invader Zim] [Zim x Dib] [ZADR] by Madame_Anarchy
Gravity of You [Invader Zim] [Zim...by Madame Anarchy
After the Florpus incident, both Dib and Zim start to change the nature of their relationship. With the Irken armada on perpetual doom and humankind as unwilling to open...
Snitches Get Stitches | ZaDr (Discontinued) by OvercookedSalad
Snitches Get Stitches | ZaDr (Disc...by OvercookedSalad
"Why does he even want me? What does he have to gain?" "He wants something to love, I think. Something that isn't him. Or maybe, he sees you as the perfec...
Invader Zim [ZADR] | A Wire by Insectivore_Shipping
Invader Zim [ZADR] | A Wireby Xio
Sequel to: Invader Zim [ZADR] | Zim's Child Everything was turning out good, but a tall figure changes everything. [Updated every 5 days, or sooner!]
Idiot's In Love by JellBon
Idiot's In Loveby Bon
Zim and Dib short stoires that are just random, cute stuff. Each chapter is a different story. Fuffly stuff, maybe some rated R stuff, not really an adventure story.
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