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Diluc x kaeya oneshotes by Lobeliade
Diluc x kaeya oneshotesby Lobeliade
❗I DO NOT OWN THIS CHARACTERS, FROM A GAME (GENSHIN IMPACT) ❗ This is a Diluc x kaeya oneshotes book Here are the things im gonna write: 🔞Smut 🔞 ⚠️Angst⚠️ 💖Fluff 💖
The adventures of tiny aether by ClaraGilberstad
The adventures of tiny aetherby Clara
aether gets shoved up ventis ass and lumine comes to look for him
Diluc x Ben Shapiro Oneshot by IjustwannabeHappyTM
Diluc x Ben Shapiro Oneshotby
Diluc had always been deeply, head over heels, super lovey towards his three husbands/children, but everything changed when he met a small, 7 foot tall weasel man on Chr...
To trust again  by lolyqueenos
To trust again by lolyqueenos
This is my first fan fiction and this story is about Kaeluc. It will take many chapters. Diluc tries to get over his past and get along with his sworn brother once agai...
Travelers from the future (zhongli x childe) by Yu_uki143
Travelers from the future (zhongli...by Yuuki
Hello!!basically this is all about their children traveling from the future to the past to change it and look for their bestfriend. The pictures aren't mine so credits t...
Prince of the Lost Land (Genshin Impact) by summerxkitty
Prince of the Lost Land (Genshin I...by ✧𝕤𝕦𝕞𝕞𝕖𝕣𝕩✧
no, this is not like kaeluc stories, it is only bRoTHeRly lOvE read if u like genshin :)
Kaeya x Diluc by lexiissus
Kaeya x Dilucby lexiissus
it's more a parody and this is a joke don't attack me ok
The sound of simping (Genshin Impact)  by KinseiSaika
The sound of simping (Genshin Impa...by Kinsei
This is a fanfic with an insert of Y/N(your name). Teyvat ha phones so- also Y/N will not be shipped with anyone sorry, but there will be other ships like (top/bottom) :...
Genshin School Au One Shots by xrandomxpeepx
Genshin School Au One Shotsby randompeephere
Random Genshin School Au stories :) SHIPS THAT MIGHT BE MENTIONED: Figure it out yourself-
Kaeya x Diluc by SucroseMaggie
Kaeya x Dilucby Maggie
Diluc confessed to Kaeya, what happens next?!
Rock To My Roll ;; KaeLuc by k_kardia
Rock To My Roll ;; KaeLucby ☀︎︎𝑪𝑬𝑶 𝒅𝒆𝒍 𝑲𝑳𝒄𝑲𝒂𝒆
You are the rock to my roll, my roll, my roll~ That song described pretty much how Kaeya and Diluc view each other. How they were. ⚠︎ Obvious KaeLuc warning ⚠︎ Song fic...
The Winery (KaeLuc) by Dazai_Osamu_Death
The Winery (KaeLuc)by Dazai Rolling
The Knights Of Favonius Grand Master sent Kaeya to go get Diluc for a mission to go kill some Fatui members. Will Kaeya be able to get Diluc to do it?
why kaeya x diluc is wrong ‼️ by RMsmiddlefinger
why kaeya x diluc is wrong ‼️by 𝘬𝘦𝘩𝘭𝘢𝘯𝘪
nah bcuz if u ship this then don't talk to me 👎🏾
 (make out challenge at 3 am gone wrong!!!!!!)(not for kiddies)  by urlocalhomo667
(make out challenge at 3 am gone...by kaeyas ballsack
a super sexy tale of how kaeya sharted himself :3