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Kitten (minsung) by tokoyamis
Kitten (minsung)by seki !!
"Pet me." "You're not my cat." Han Jisung hates cats in general. Lee Minho owns three cats. What would happen if Jisung is forced to like cats, where...
drarry short stories by dracoXHarryXstoriess
drarry short storiesby drarryxstoriesss
hi guys this is the firts english book on this account it is a short story book so enjoyy
Future Enemies {TomTord/TordTom} (cringe x1,000,000) by ShadowLeader19
Future Enemies {TomTord/TordTom} (...by Andy
What if Edd wasn't so nice after a certain someone was looking for Tom. Would the certain someone be nice or just abuse Tom more maybe They'll fall in love. Read the boo...
neighborly by tayswiftlver
neighborlyby liliana
" I think im falling for you. " "Ive already fallen " - One word 19 year old Liliana Winters would use to describe her life would be "shit show...
One shot kokushibo (black writer) smut 18+ by doumablackgf
One shot kokushibo (black writer)...by doumablackgf
After becoming a demon u finally got powerful enough to be a upper rank, u have a mysterious partner and your tryna find more things about him maybe u even like him.
obsessed | anna nishikinomiya [completed] by noburing
obsessed | anna nishikinomiya [com...by nobu
Shimoneta ff Anna Nishikinomiya x male!OC Kai Isomura was transferred to Tokioka Academy with his father's request. While being there, he met Tanukichi and Kajou then e...
Truth or Dare by Ecofinisher
Truth or Dareby Ecofinisher
(Originally published at: 30. November 2017) Ms. Bustier's class is on a class trip in Neuchatel and a few of them decided to play Truth or Dare. Some secrets, crushes a...
Rowdy Ruff Boy's Bf Scenarios by JobyWills
Rowdy Ruff Boy's Bf Scenariosby Joby
Ever imagined what it would be like to go out with a Rowdyruff boy? No? Oh well, read this anyway and have fun, or laugh at my horrible writing over the past months and...
Namid's Adventure  by Justicetheweeb
Namid's Adventure by ⭐️Justicetheghost⭐️
Just a young woman that pretty much lives in a cyberpunk world that loves to travel with her golden scissors
𝘽𝙡𝙚𝙨𝙨𝙚𝙙  (18+) by Akozure
𝘽𝙡𝙚𝙨𝙨𝙚𝙙 (18+)by 𝙎𝙖𝙥𝙥𝙝𝙞𝙧𝙚
Naomi Amber. A young woman who was a beauty to all men, her flawless brown skin blossomed in the sunlight and those warm welcoming green eyes would get any man to their...
His Bad Boy Werewolf (BxB) (DISCONTINUED) by Duckie_Fanfic
His Bad Boy Werewolf (BxB) (DISCON...by Duckie_Fanfic
Oliver is a lore freak. Anything that could have ever been alive, he believes exists. Ghosts, Wendigos, werewolves, megalodon sharks. Everything. He moves to a new town...
Dirty jokes by sophiablast13
Dirty jokesby Margaret Sophie Blast
Not all the jokes here are mine..... you've probably seen some of them elsewhere. Anyway like the title says it's full of Dirty Jokes. Don't be offended. Laugh if you...
The dirty teacher  by NuttySmuttyTales
The dirty teacher by NuttySmuttyTales
You know some teachers are nasty but have you ever caught them in the act?
Book Of PRIME LAUGHTER by LamianDiavol
Book Of PRIME LAUGHTERby LamianDiavol
Most of these are dirty jokes. This book is for 18+, but ;) to the ones with no filters XD I will day if one of my jokes are original, but otherwise, they are from googl...
Deadpool x Male!Reader by GriseldaRoseberry
Deadpool x Male!Readerby Rose
Hello my name's Deadpool ! I'm talking instead of Author-chan here because she's too stupid to do a proper description...anyway to do a summary of this shi...I mean won...
Dirty Jokes &Confessions  by BadGirlxPhyco
Dirty Jokes &Confessions by BadGirlxPhyco
This is a Series of Dirty jokes and Confessions for you If you message me Dirty jokes Or Confessions i will give credit or if you wish it'll be Anonymous ❤️
The Edge of the Woods by StoriesWithRose
The Edge of the Woodsby StoriesWithRose
A love story about a vampire named Alexander who falls in love with a human named Henry after helping him in the woods one night. Their love grows every night, but will...
flirt line and chessy Or Some Dirty.... by chinguP
flirt line and chessy Or Some Dirt...by chingu
read it..... I don't know what to write darling ( ͡°з ͡°)
I love this boy | ✨Five Hargreeves✨ by five_dirtysimps
I love this boy | ✨Five Hargreeves✨by Dirty_fivesimp
In this story you fall in love with Five Hargeeves - obviously ⚠️Beware this story is uncensored and very mature I don't suggest reading if your 14-15 or younger read a...
Deadpool Oneshots [ON HOLD] by xxLady_Wilsonxx
Deadpool Oneshots [ON HOLD]by Lady Deadpool :3
A collection of oneshots about our friendly neighborhood Deadpool.