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Trouble In Paradise? by ThatOneAuthor101
Trouble In Paradise?by Cassie.M
After battling with a life threatening disease, Stephanie finally got the all clear on her health. She was free to live her life. She is starting a new school at...
Don't Love Me ✓  by StellaAdamsHere
Don't Love Me ✓ by Stella Adams
"Will you stop fucking smiling for a moment?!" "That's what I am short of." ~ Rosaline Willow, twenty years, joyous personality, happy aura, a beauti...
Sickly in love [Miyamura x reader]{Horimiya} by Mxlly_exe4
Sickly in love [Miyamura x reader]...by Emi
"Y/n, why didn't you tell me" ~ A story where the reader is in love with their childhood bestfriend but is slowly dying
0° Celsius :To Thaw A Frozen Heart (Sample) by suzangill98
0° Celsius :To Thaw A Frozen Heart...by suzangill98
"How dare you!!" His stare and cold voice made me step back with fear scared of what he will do "You clumsy woman!! Keep those disgusting hands of yours s...
Floral And Fading || Jonnor AU || EDITING  by TiredTris
Floral And Fading || Jonnor AU ||...by Teenage Spooky Shit
"You're god sent, you're everything I've ever needed. I wouldn't be who I am right now without you, thank you, for shaping me and moulding my heart around yours. Yo...
His Sick Mate by Squarely_Asleep
His Sick Mateby Masha
Rhiannon Davis, is sick. Not only does she get bloody noses like it is a regular runny nose, but she also coughs blood and has a weak heart which needs surgery that she...
365 Days by saladasandvegemite
365 Daysby saladasandvegemite
"I am going to die." Yes, you heard right. Dakota Everett is going to die. She is given a year and wants to do as much as she can. The trouble is, she's 17, so...
The Lioness Fell in Love With the Lamb (Twilight Fan Fiction) (GirlxGirl) (Lesbian Story) by SoulessObsession
The Lioness Fell in Love With the...by Mono No Aware
Meet Bella Swan. Clumsy, down to Earth, sweet. Now meet Alice Cullen. Petite, gorgeous, graceful... vampire. When these two opposites meet it's love at first sight but d...
Don't Let Him Die (Sonadow) by iichocolate4life
Don't Let Him Die (Sonadow)by :o
I don't know what he has, and I don't know how he got it, but no matter what..I won't let him die... -Shadow the Hedgehog
The Bad Boy Stole My Bracelet ✔️ by loveislimited
The Bad Boy Stole My Bracelet ✔️by whatevenisthis
Abigail Barns - senior, 17, not that popular, wear a bracelet everyday because it's really special to her. Noah Stevens - senior, 18, popular, bad boy, major player, in...
Quarantine by Bella_Higgin
Quarantineby Bella_Higgin
When a deadly disease ravages the town of Holmsley, Frankie and her friends find themselves trapped inside a military-blockaded quarantine zone. ...
Asher ✓ by eoscenes
Asher ✓by 𝒂𝒊𝒎𝒆𝒆
Boys with bone diseases shouldn't race motorcycles. ⋆☆⋆ Asher Delrov knows he's fragile. He's known this since his diagnosis in infancy with osteogenesis imperfecta: imp...
The King's Awaited Mate by curie7
The King's Awaited Mateby Euler
Valdus Castellanos, the king of werewolves, a ruthless monster, a beast, as known by many, waited for ages for his mate. Years passed, but nothing changed. He could go...
Dying Roses by SquishyMinMinMing
Dying Rosesby Raccoon Lover
Upon which young, soft, gentle, innocent Jeon Jeongguk, schools baby, is taken advantage of by Kim Taehyung and impregnated---Taehyung isn't very happy. But this his fau...
Nīsan.... by Jennalam88
Nīsan....by Si_mp
Y/n Haitani, the youngest sister of Ran Haitani and Rindo Haitani. She is well to be knows as the secret weapon of Tenjiku. When it come to fighting Y/n Haitani never sh...
Yukinome ⇄ Sunghoon by your-wabi-sabi
Yukinome ⇄ Sunghoonby TOMATO?!
Hyunjoo wants to avenge for her family matters and decides to work at ENHYPEN LABELS as the CEO's secretary. Unexpectedly, she found out that her CEO was Park Sunghoon a...
Red Wave by -Forelle-
Red Waveby -Forelle-
Sequel to the book Blue Light After Germany's unexpected travel to the past the world is peacefully preparing for winter, when it happens. A black magic disease made by...
Make Time Stop (RAEDA) by raizldc
Make Time Stop (RAEDA)by raizldc
Modern AU Relationships were never easy. Eda and Raine both knew that, causing them to split up two years ago after a ten-year relationship. But now that they're both in...
Deja Vu:  The Healer by pattyofurniture
Deja Vu: The Healerby PattyO
I marked her and I didn't even know her name.-- Going to her best friend's wedding in a forest lodge, Caroline can't help but feel like she's been there before. Beta Wi...
Epidemic || BFB au  by leafymybeloved
Epidemic || BFB au by suitcase!!
⚠️TW: gore, vomit, death, claustrophobia⚠️ Four never meant for this to happen, they truly didn't. They only wanted a nice, innocent contest. But what happens when the c...