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Different by taracake
Differentby taracake
When a fierce girl joins Dauntless, she is not what they expected. She is smart, brave, and never scared to face anything. She is Amity born, but her parents got killed...
Pained by Writersaurus
Painedby Shay
But when I was handed the knife, I felt something inside of me change. Something awakening, a terrifying power that I kept locked up inside me. Strength. I was blinded...
this can't happen (Peter Hayes) by heidibear3
this can't happen (Peter Hayes)by heidibear3
when Heidi Astor gets into Dauntless she finds more then just friends.
love you: Divergant by love_and_trust
love you: Divergantby love_and_trust
tris prier is well known at school. but there is something missing. she is looking for love for someone she can spend her life with and she found it but let it go when s...
Fandom Stuff! by LoricReader
Fandom Stuff!by Arci
A book for people of fandoms! Fandoms included: ●Doctor Who ●Harry Potter ●Percy Jackson/Heroes Of Olympus ●Divergent ●Hunger Games ●Lorien Legacies ENJOY ^_^
Divergent by bisexual-justice
Divergentby Bisexual-justice
Hi I'm Nevaeh Grafter. My world is split up into groups. Im Amity. The colorful peace-makers. But I'm not like them I'm kinda rude and I've always wanted to be Dauntless...
The World Underwater  by leehahrose
The World Underwater by leehahrose
M.g Jennings has been given over to the government for a practice testing on an injection. When it backfires, M.g is in a tough spot. She can either try to find her way...
The Oversight by Wolf_And_Fox
The Oversightby Julie
This is a dystopian novel about a world in which the people are controlled by the Oversight. Trapped in a dome and it seems there is no way out.
Allegiant Alternate Ending by hamstahheartpourz
Allegiant Alternate Endingby HamstahPoursHerHeart
So like most of you the ending of Allegiant shattered me and in my denial phase I wrote this alternative ending to it
Reunited by Cherubin101
Reunitedby Cherubin101
It's been two years since the death of Tris. But when a familiar character comes back, how will everyone react? What dark secrets will be revealed? And yes, the war did...
divergent high ~fourtris~ by _angelwingsxx
divergent high ~fourtris~by Becca Smit
this is about all the characters in high school. its about four and tris as they find out each others secrets. what will happen. dun dun dunnnnn. yayyyy (might contain s...
Compassion Kills by jaxman247000
Compassion Killsby jaxman247000
The story of Journey Redreck. Who now has to make a choice. From the Divergant universe, a new and exciting story comes to light.
DEFIANT by GalaxyWhales
DEFIANTby CarterMcMillan
Are you defiant? Join Cartier in a mysterious and unable to stop reading adventure of being a defiant. You won't stop reading (Book 2 will be comming out)
We Can Be Mended *New Ending* by Michaela_potter
We Can Be Mended *New Ending*by Michaela_potter
What would happen if Tris never died? What happens after? What would happen to Tris and Tobias? In this story the ending of Veronica Roth's book 'Allegiant' is completel...
Surviving or Living by AlexandraBertrand6
Surviving or Livingby AlexandraBertrand6
Mary faction was the providers they feed all the factions but what would happen if the government wanted more power, more control and the rights of the workers were at r...
After Allegiant by carmeneaton
After Allegiantby ✈️
but what if i'm not dead. xx. Tris