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Chainsaw Man: Power Couple (DMC X CSM) by TheGhost619
Chainsaw Man: Power Couple (DMC TheGhost619
What happens when Vergil decides to explore a new world, And makes friendships and a relationship with a certain blood fiend. Find out here in 𝕮𝖍𝖆𝖎𝖓𝖘𝖆𝖜 𝕸𝖆𝖓: �...
I am Vengeance by Darel114
I am Vengeanceby Darel114
journey of a neglected boy, his only fault? born with the ability to control demonic power.
In Another World With My Smartphone?! (Male Gamer Reader x IAWWMS) by Saiyan_Of_OOF
In Another World With My YourSenpaiz_69
Two young brothers were killed by an Accident. Who made the mistake? God! And now he wants to revive them into a new world. Follow their Adventures! Nothing's mine besid...
He Who Desires, But Acts Not: Abused Male V Reader (Devil May Cry X RWBY) by TheChainsOfDespair
He Who Desires, But Acts Not: Horror-Kun
So this is my first time I'm inheriting a story from another Author. Ima do my best but I'll make changes of course. anywho the original owner of the story is @Hyde_kido...
Being a demon hunter in Japan is not easy. by KevDest11
Being a demon hunter in Japan is KevDest11
Being a demon hunter was never so complicated, but now after having to do a job on the other side of the world, Desmon will be meeting people that could make his stay th...
The Red Avenger by TheAgent88
The Red Avengerby Expendable Asset
Total AU crossover. Devil May Cry X Marvel Cinematic Universe Dante is a young mercenary that only takes odd jobs that interests him. But when SHIELD's come knocking on...
Izuku Yagi - The New Yamato Wielder by FatedGil
Izuku Yagi - The New Yamato Wielderby FatedGil
Izuku Yagi, tormented by the Bakugo twins for something he couldn't control, his only solace from this bullying was from his friends, the Todoroki twins, and his beloved...
darksiders 3 x male reader by Icedemon34
darksiders 3 x male readerby Jordan White
you are the son of Dante you and your father were having a normal day hanging out along with Nero, your uncle Virgil, Trish and lady until the apocalypse happen your fam...
Devil's retribución ( rwby x abuse x negleted male reader x devil may cry) by Arthurpendragon285
Devil's retribución ( rwby x Arthur Pendragon, el avenger
Born as a demon freak Yet innocent boy call Y/n all he wanted Is to live as human but the world took His family and whats worse Is that His friends dislikes him even mak...
date a live x  Depressed male reader by XD0010Bigfan
date a live x Depressed male MeganekkoSenpai
i not good making description, just read my story,I'm just inspired to make this story If you like this story, vote this story or follow me  Credits= XD0010 Xd0010Bigfan
Kneel Before Me by 3R3NY3A63R
Kneel Before Meby Eren Jaeger
The Avengers who are known as the Earth's mightiest heroes have faced many battles. After the battle of Manhattan, they continued to fight alongside each other. During a...
young justice: son of sparda (season 2) (on hold) by flamebaron20
young justice: son of sparda ( flamebaron20
Sam: the dark knight Sparda is my father, the arc angel Uriel is my mother. I am a pure blood nephilim born of heaven and hell, i fight against the Supernatural forces...
A Devil May Fall. by jangist
A Devil May jangist
"What is good? Everything that heightens the feeling of power in man, the will to power, power itself. What is bad? Everything that is born of weakness. What is hap...
A Brokenhearted hero become a Dangerous Storm. by Dark_Project_09
A Brokenhearted hero become a The Lovely Person
Izuku midorya, the nine users of OFA, he succeeded in ending AFO, everything was peaceful,it's all over, the war of villains and heroes is all over even though his mento...
Genshin May Cry [Genshin Impact × Gamer OC] by Ghuzt_D_Bloodedge
Genshin May Cry [Genshin Impact × EMIYA
Another boy got hit by the infamous Truck-kun by accident given another chance to live by Kami. Let's followed his adventures...
Devil of the dead by Ireye1
Devil of the deadby Ireye1
When a normal day in a private school turns to the apocalypse, where demon and the undead rise from the ground. It's a brothers duty to protect his family and his loved...
Devil's Honor (DMC X BNHA) by PrivacyInvader
Devil's Honor (DMC X BNHA)by PrivacyInvader
Devil May Cry guy with the abilities of Vergil and Dante. Personality mix of Vergil, Dante, and Nero while also adding somethings I like. I know the guy is probably go...
Megadimension Neptunia Harem Stories:Dragon Knight by Zinogre770
Megadimension Neptunia Harem Unknown
In this stories you are a young man with the blood of Dragon Clan send to protect another dimension but what if the dimension you are entering is the one you dreamed of...
The Devil's Blade of Tears (Devil May Cry X Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba) by Me-Gagu-Re
The Devil's Blade of Tears ( Me-Gagu-Re
It is the early 20th century in 1915. Dante is a 23-year-old half-demon and half-human hybrid who was raised and born in Red Grave City. He is born to a demon knight kno...
The DVIL of Remnant by Dami_Ren
The DVIL of Remnantby Dami Ren
There is a group of people out there in the world of Remnant. This group of people are the Protectors, the Saviours, they're Huntresses and Huntsman. They are the ones t...