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Meant to be Mine (C!Dream C!WilburSoot X Reader) by _Bee_07
Meant to be Mine (C!Dream C! _Bee_07
He grabbed you and pulled you in close. "I'm sorry but I can't let you leave." how could he do this to you? you had a life in L'manberg and he just ripped it a...
The New Start by Josh_or_something
The New Startby Josh
!!this fic is on hiatus until I'm dead (then it's discontinued) or until I recover and have the time, motivation, and energy to finish. Sorry Dream has been in the pris...
The Blood Games || Dnf || Book One by simply_bluebird
The Blood Games || Dnf || Book Oneby blue
George has been selected to participate in the annual Immortal Games. He's not supposed to team with other sectors, but when an intriguing player from Sector 2 repeatedl...
Dmsp/mcyt smutshots by cdesqc
Dmsp/mcyt smutshotsby sage !
Just smut lolzies , no I'm not doing minors or people who are uncomfortable with it.
The Alignment in the Stars by Kale_0120
The Alignment in the Starsby Kale
Elvira looked out her window, overlooking the beautiful nighttime London skyline. She had recently moved into her new apartment from America after her mother forces her...
fight for me // wilbur x oc by insomniax_
fight for me // wilbur x ocby insomnia
Addie Viotta is a streamer from NYC, with a fiery personality, and passion for music. On one fateful Love or Host, she meets someone, someone who could change her foreve...
Just an ordinary fan (DNF) by KeikoNotAvailable
Just an ordinary fan (DNF)by Keiko :]
Dream a famous streamer meets a boy at his school who is a fan of him. Without knowing, the boy befriended Dream... What will happen next?
Worn Down Path by uneasy_ghost
Worn Down Pathby Uneasy Ghost
[[Update chapters will be deleted after a week]] Not my first Ranboo x Reader, but hopefully one that will work out. This story has a twist! It's a Zombie apocalypse AU...
When Will My Life Begin...  {DSMP Rapunzel Au} by toxic_iris
When Will My Life Begin... { toxic_iris
This story is about a 15 year old boy with magic golden hair, Looking at the lights in the sky Wondering when his life will begin. _______________________________ {A/N}...
epithet of them by hansuckss
epithet of themby ✍︎
SEQUEL OF 'appellation of you'! He's a writer. He wrote his best friends' tragic story. He wrote it even though he didn't believe in love himself. Only the worst could c...
distance || DREAMNOTFOUND  by dnfisruiningmymind
distance || DREAMNOTFOUND by dnfisruiningmymind
Covid-19 just hit the town of Mared.. Dream who has been homeschooled his whole life notices that a new kid is moving in next door? will dream's curiosity get the better...
Trip to Florida by beePerson_69
Trip to Floridaby Tubee
George, Dream, and Sapnap have been The dream team, a strong friendship of three For a long time, One day dream and sapnap suprises George with plane tickets to Florida...
Wilbur Oneshots by WritersBlock_775
Wilbur Oneshotsby WritersBlock_775
basically, i write stories about Wil that I think are cute and I like them
Lover Boy by R3dactedd
Lover Boyby {Redacted}
As they talked, an idea rolled into his thoughts. Hey-" Zak said as he fidgeted with the cable to his headphones. "I have an idea." This book was written...
Enderwalk by Makeneatlol
Enderwalkby Bangtanned
"Tubbo, you're so cold-" "Please don't kill me." Tubbo was shaking so much in fear Ranboo could feel it. "What? What are you talking about-&quo...
Short Angst Story About Tubbo x Ranboo [ONESHOT] by Krenzya
Short Angst Story About Tubbo x
What happens to Tubbo and Ranboo after 20 years? art by
Gambling one's soul away🎰🐤 [𝚀𝚞𝚊𝚌𝚔𝚒𝚝𝚢 𝚡 𝚖𝚊𝚕𝚎!𝚁𝚎𝚊𝚍𝚎𝚛] by Camilo_Madrigals_Bf
Gambling one's soul away🎰🐤 [𝚀𝚞 Yes
Two males. face to face. betting their souls and entire being to one another. The Beanied gambler smirks as he places down his cards "Full house." he twistedly...
into another world? cringe by whipsandnaenaes_
into another world? cringeby whipsandnaenaes_
Jaredbur drabbles by socialanxietywrites
Jaredbur drabblesby socialanxietywrites
Honestly man, I don't even know. I just wrote and here it is. This is purely fictional, Jared probably does not exist. I swear to god if Wilbur finds this, sir, get off...