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MY MARRIED LUNA by adiprit
Highest ranking #8( mature content) 8aug2019 ranking #12 27 jun2019 That day she was having dinner with Vikas.. When she saw him .. he was the most handsome man, she ev...
Business man's Forced Love  by pluckTheStars4525
Business man's Forced Love by pluckTheStars
This is the story of a innocent girl Akta and A billinior business men Kabir ... Akta is a cute and traditional girl ...who love her family very much ...she could die fo...
my alpha by Somalisain9
my alphaby Somali Sain
she ran from a arranged marriage which her father forced her into,met someone in the way who changed her life......
His betrayal and her pain by maya30maya
His betrayal and her painby kauruki
I am a girl without identity, and found in front of church gate. IN a slip they wrote a name saying Sara, only Sara without any thing neither surname nor identity. I onl...
CEO's property by AnanAhsan
CEO's propertyby Anan Ahsan
Yeah that's exactly what I'm now someone's property. I was starting very well in my life though. But suddenly with the accident everything changed. Dad died and mom's in...
The Key To My Heart  by TheCrystalDino22
The Key To My Heart by TheLittleDino
*Romance* Ender a deamon girl comes to the real world at a young age.... now an adult can she survive with her new boss and and others in her way? With 2 irresistible...
My sweet angel by lgbtqplusshipper
My sweet angelby The master shipper
Alexandra is sold to her stepfather's dealer in exchange for money she is terrified will the buyer be loving. Or a total living hell for her life. Will she be held capti...
Bad Boy King- A Gang leaders Girl by HADES_ANGEL666
Bad Boy King- A Gang leaders Girlby Hades Angel
"So we're gonna drive up there and then you're gonna kill me." I turned to him with a stunned look on my face and he frowned. "What No! We're gonna climb...
I WANT YOU by Recklessone27
I WANT YOUby Recklessone27
Some live their life and some survive it. Karra Haden definitely stands in the second group. "Vintage Corporation"the world's biggest technology company is own...
Old Flames (REWRITTEN) by suziecarmichael
Old Flames (REWRITTEN)by a.c.
Jordan has finally moved on from her dead husband and is now ready to embrace a new love in her life. But she soon realizes, his control on her is still there and it's p...
Three mafia lords by LilyKunicorntwins
Three mafia lordsby Caroline
Three handsome Mafia lords rule New Orleans, they are the Mikaelsons, they are rutthless, mean and harsh and get everything they want but 3 girls come into there life a...
Bug by Honey_buns22
Bugby Honey
!!DDLG!! Lizzy Marie - kickass barista by day, adorable little girl by night. When Lizzy meets Ashton - a tall handsome regular with a strange vibe - he takes her hand a...
Destiny❤ by Missmysterious348
Destiny❤by Miss mysterious
She made their ways different... to fulfill her dreams... she believes in destiny but he didn't... She knew some day they will be together... but don't know how.. ... Le...
Controlling Kidnapper by DarkNOTHSALRIG
Controlling Kidnapperby DarkNOTHSALRIG
"Listen here you little shit, I am almost an adult. You can't tell me what to do anymore." I growl, looking this piece of shit in the eye. "Listen here...
Y/N Bhardwaj is the cousin sister of Patil sisters . Harry Potter the famous wizard fall in love with her . He loves her more than anything. She and Draco are bitter ene...
Call Of The Night by Swooping101
Call Of The Nightby K
Emery just moved 3087 miles away from her hometown and is starting highschool after being homeschooled her whole life. She begins to feel happy again but something still...
My Monster by mexxiee
My Monsterby mexxiee
Elizabeth taken, abused and used by certain men, she looses her memory until she meets the cold hearted mafia boss kaiden king. He's brutal, doesn't care about anything...