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A Little world by hope1299
A Little worldby kk.slays
"I don't want to be a little!" "I want to go home!" "That test was wrong!"
Sugar by UselessMoon
Sugarby 𝕸𝖔𝖔𝖓-𝕮𝖍𝖆𝖓
Tenya isn't sure of what part of his situation leaves him with a thumping heart and a dry mouth. This isn't his first time laying eyes on Katsuki Bakugou by a long shot...
Slave to the football team by florareviews
Slave to the football teamby F :)
Alina is a quiet girl. When she accidentally ruins the football teams turf, she is forced to be their little toy. What will they make her do? ***Everything is consensual.
My Little Princess by Darxetta413
My Little Princessby Darxetta413
This is a second POV collection! I read a collection a bit ago that simply used "you" and "Daddy" so reading them was non-character based. I really l...
My Neighbor Joel by KittenKes
My Neighbor Joelby Kestrel B.
Kes finally is free from her emotionally abusive ex-boyfriend. At 25, she has successfully purchased her own home far away from anyone she knows who might cause her trou...
Daddy's Good Girl by brat4991
Daddy's Good Girlby kittykatbrat
Cassandra Wood is going undercover searching for her sister Claire after she goes missing from a mysterious club. When she is discovered by the clubs sexy owner Maddox H...
The Phone Call by RemyMcGlashan
The Phone Callby Remy McGlashan
Rosie gets punished for saying her boyfriend isn't kinky enough (pure smut)
Teacher's Pet || A Joseph Quinn AU by DeQBower
Teacher's Pet || A Joseph Quinn AUby DeQBower
He's the most popular professor at the most prestigious boarding school in London and though she wants very little to do with him that's not what he has planned for her...
Smut oneshots by kyle2300
Smut oneshotsby kyle2300
bdsm smut (male dom perspective)
Options KiriBaku SeroKami Smut by mrspersonji
Options KiriBaku SeroKami Smutby dabinci
Bakugou and Kaminari we're in a quirk accident, they had switched bodies. Kirishima was dating Bakugou, And Sero is with Kaminari. This takes place a little bit after U...
You and I : After by luciferwriting
You and I : Afterby D
Exploring the forbidden world?
NSFW Concepts <3 by smexy_mortorcykle
NSFW Concepts <3by Doll <3
Exactly what the title says. Enjoy <3
On Ice - Lukadrien by aldwynrivers
On Ice - Lukadrienby aldwynrivers
**This work has been rereleased as "Cat's eye", it now contains ALL CONTENT from this fic and MORE new Chapters. New Readers, please start with that!** https:...
When I first met you (Felix x Male Reader x Bang Chan) by justbiforme
When I first met you (Felix x Just_mellifluous
I fell into a dream And I wished I never woke up Because that is where I first met you ... A really short short story about Felix because he makes me feel some type of w...
KAYLOR oneshots by alphadork
KAYLOR oneshotsby alphadork
A collection of oneshots. From fluff to smut, some kinky stuff is probably on its way. (Con traduzioni italiane 🇮🇹) This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, pla...
Yuji/Sukuna x Y/N  by Casca_04
Yuji/Sukuna x Y/N by Casca
"You wanted this Y/n, to become a mess, remember that." The smut we all wanted (~ ̄³ ̄)~ A Y/n x Yuji/Sukuna story just read whats written below before getting i...
Good Dog by gaysmutisgreat
Good Dogby gaysmutisgreat
I was drawing Jimmy and had the idea that he wears a collar in secret life... so naturally i needed to write some flower husbands filth ;) this chap is just kinda lime...
He is my master by HeOwnsMeForever
He is my masterby HeOwnsMeForever
This is just going to be the story of how I met my dominant. It really won't have adult situations in it. Just me chronicling how it goes.
The Silence of the Sea || Taekook by QueenRamsia
The Silence of the Sea || Taekookby QueenRamsia
Taekook || Siren!AU / Mermaid!AU / Deaf!AU The Pacific Ocean holds secrets beneath its waters. Secrets like sirens, hunters that lure their prey into the deep with their...