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(1)The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu's Pampered Wife by Di-301103
(1)The Most Loving Marriage In Hope
"Missus, time to fulfil your duties!" Mu Yuchen demanded as he pulled Xi Xiaye closer with his arms intimately wrapped around her waist. - It was a meticulousl...
The farmer's virtuous wife by aurriccah
The farmer's virtuous wifeby Mbali Moreki
She was unruly and unsatisfied to be forced to marry Ning Xiao Gua. After falling in her eight month pregnancy due to tripping,she suddenly became aware of her faults in...
She become sweet and cuddly by SimranYamamoto
She become sweet and cuddlyby Simmi
Description Lin Qingqing was still talking to her friends about taking part in the singing contest the previous night. When she woke up the next day, she came five years...
Transmigrating Into A Female Side Character As A Prodigal Doctor by jiyantav
Transmigrating Into A Female Jeanne
FOR OFFLINE READING PURPOSES ONLY Translated by: Henyee Translations Yan Xi, a medical prodigy who obtained a doctorate at the age of 22, never expected to end up transm...
Secretly Married To The Big Shot [COMPLETED]  by Belovedlis
Secretly Married To The Big Shot [ Belovedlis
STORY ARE NOT MINE!!! Save for my offline reading only. All credits and honours goes to the translator. I put A LOT of chapters in one page bcs this novel is very long a...
Crazy Duke and Fallen Queen by xiaohai_23
Crazy Duke and Fallen Queenby xiaohai_23
She's the Queen who lost a war. And he's the man who won. Theodora was the Queen of Polis, a city-state that lost the war against the most powerful empire in the contine...
Farmer's Treasured Wife : Raising A Bun To Farm Crops  by NekoCatleya
Farmer's Treasured Wife : Catleya Dessa
Field of agriculture : raising bun and farming As soon as she opened her eyes, she becomes the village infamous ugly woman! There's a small bun infront of her and an ins...
The Daughter Of A Wealthy Family Who Had Been Reborn Earned A Lot Of Money  by Phantom_Raven
The Daughter Of A Wealthy Family Phantom_Raven
Her wedding had also become her funeral. Her stepsister and her fiancé had gotten together at some point in time. It turned out that they had been the ones who had done...