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The Guardian by baeles22
The Guardianby Marc and cheese
What if Harry had a friend during his time with the Dursleys. What if that friend just so happened to be the adopted child of a very powerful wizard and biological child...
𝐄𝐏𝐎𝐂𝐇. Draco Malfoy by 1-800-WILL-WARD
𝐄𝐏𝐎𝐂𝐇. Draco Malfoyby William
Chaos, laughter, friendship and trauma. All found in Hogwarts while a certain boy tries his best to become a not-so-ordinary wizard. ============================ ...
male reader x draco malfoy by rayscore
male reader x draco malfoyby Frances :)
let me get this clear: im not an advanced writer. maybe slow updates? I'll try to upload when i can. no homophobic allowed, please leave. :)
Draco Malfoy x Male Reader  by Hannayoudo1
Draco Malfoy x Male Reader by Hannayoudo1
Draco Malfoy x Male Reader set during 3rd year. Reader is a Slytherin and Draco's best friend. Stuff happen and well read to find out more.
The American Twin by SincerelySecrecy
The American Twinby SincerelySecrecy
"Yes, yes, a Gryffindor 5th year is your twin, however just like I told your brother I believe you could excel in Slytherin" he then shouts out "SLYTHERIN...
Should We? (Draco x Male!Reader) Book 1 by CrispyBoiJay
Should We? (Draco x Male!Reader) B...by Jayden Rose Worgan
This is book one of a series that I'm gonna be doing. The reader is going to start off with a negative relationship with Draco Malfoy and gradually they start to get to...
SNAKE EYES. draco m by 1-800-WILL-WARD
SNAKE EYES. draco mby William
⋆⋆⋆ ⋮ 𝚂𝙽𝙰𝙺𝙴 𝙴𝚈𝙴𝚂࿐ └┈┈┈ 𝙸 𝙳𝙾𝙽'𝚃 𝚂𝚃𝙾𝙿 𝚆𝙷𝙴𝙽 𝙸'𝙼 𝚃𝙸𝚁𝙴𝙳, 𝙸 𝚂𝚃𝙾𝙿 𝚆𝙷𝙴𝙽 𝙸'𝙼 𝙳𝙾𝙽𝙴. ㅤ𒋨━━━━━━━─╼ 𝐃𝐑𝐀𝐂𝐎 𝐌𝐀𝐋𝐅𝐎𝐘ꦿ࿐ཽ༵ ۝╏✿ꦿ༺...
Born into it - Draco Malfoy x Male Reader by heartnipnops
Born into it - Draco Malfoy x Male...by Alexander
When you're the heir and only child of a highly influential wizarding family, your story is almost always written for you. You're simply reading the book. At least, that...
~My Little Bird~ (Draco Malfoy x Male Reader) by tHat_oNe_quEer73
~My Little Bird~ (Draco Malfoy x M...by tHat_oNe_quEer73
You are starting your first year of going to Hogwarts like everyone else, and you've never met your parents. Aunt Marie (your gaurdian) told you that they died in a hous...
" TILL DEATH " [draco x reader] by -chamomilecam
" TILL DEATH " [draco x reader]by C4M!
"love me till the day i die?" "im not going to let you die, stupid." draco x male reader lowercase intended
Tenías Que Ser Tú (Adaptación) by Aiden-lopez
Tenías Que Ser Tú (Adaptación)by Aiden López
Adaptación homosexual de la historia "tenías que ser tú"
Draco Malfoy x Male Reader One Shots by LLama115
Draco Malfoy x Male Reader One Sho...by It’s MaseGais💙🌙
(Y/N) and Draco have been best friends since year one. You have also been in love with Draco since year one. This brings turmoil to (Y/N). However, you soon learn that D...
"I-I'm sorry Hermione" by Omglol2127
"I-I'm sorry Hermione"by Reddie
A Draco x Harry x male reader Polyamory The three Horizon, Harry, and Draco dated that was until someone found out and they had a fight and broke up. What will Horizon...
disgrace  by Darling_phantom134
disgrace by Phantom
he was always polite and quiet, keeping a barrier between him and his best friend was hard especially when they've known each other for so long so when his friend starts...