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His Wish (Super Buu x Fem!reader) by ImMajinBuu
His Wish (Super Buu x Fem!reader)by Buu ❤
Y/n is a baker and Majin Buu just happens to be one of the biggest fans of her baking, exactly 4 years ago Super Buu managed to escape the fight with Goku and Vegeta now...
Dragon Ball Z Reader Inserts by ALittleIrishTimber
Dragon Ball Z Reader Insertsby ChemCatPro
Just a bunch of Dragon Ball Z x Reader one-shots. Some of these will take place across series and sagas (Including Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Super, but not GT)
ARRANGED // Vegeta X Reader by sallyretroNYC
ARRANGED // Vegeta X Readerby Someone?
Obviously this story does not follow what is canon whatsoever... Vegeta is nearing his 18th birthday. He knows this means something he doesn't want to face; an arranged...
Gohan's Twin (Male Reader x dragon ball Z/Super) by Aquietgamer
Gohan's Twin (Male Reader x dragon...by Son Kakarot
You are gohan's twin brother you are...Son Daiko...
Vegeta x Reader by Chaosrunner
Vegeta x Readerby Chaosrunner
The sister of the great Shenron was sent to the human world to heal the broken. Human after human and beast after beast she gave them life and love that would fix the br...
The Heart Wants What it Wants | Piccolo X Reader by ClassifiedKeyboard
The Heart Wants What it Wants | Pi...by ClassifiedKeyboard
You crash land into the Namekians life...teaching him things he never thought he would Experience.
Dragonball Oneshots by CringeosaurusRex15
Dragonball Oneshotsby CringeosaurusRex15
Hey thanks for stopping by. I made this during the big 2020 quarantine and I'm back to continue so if you're like me and you like Dragon Ball boys and need some time to...
Dragon Ball Z: One-Shots by ThePackWolf
Dragon Ball Z: One-Shotsby ThePackWolf
Doing some short-story stuff, if you have a request please, don't hesitate to ask! I own none of the photos. I do, however, own my character, my friends charcaters, and...
Fandom Imagines  by SoulClanWarriors
Fandom Imagines by SoulClanWarriors
Sherlock, Supernatural, Dragon Ball Z, Harry Potter, etc. If there's a specific fandom you want that's not here just ask!
Regardless How Hurt I Am (Future Trunks x Reader) by Kikito_Dragneel
Regardless How Hurt I Am (Future T...by Kikito_Dragneel (Idc who u r...
You are of a different species all together. What your people are called is quite irreverent until later, but some of them have beef with you because you're the only one...
Piccolo x Reader   Last Female Saiyan    by Bunny4471
Piccolo x Reader Last Female Sai...by Meadow Bailey
Could the Saiyans have sent another baby to earth? Or could it be just by luck that one landed there. One female Saiyan remains, and could she possibly steal the heart o...
DBZ reader-inserts! by XChillyX
DBZ reader-inserts!by Zara
DBZ chars x reader with, perhaps, a slightly biased focus on certain villains.