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Highschool dxd X hades son by B_nation1
Highschool dxd X hades sonby BHW
There once was two people who fell in love the king of the underworld and his wife Persephone and they have a child with unimaginable power But what happens when a certa...
Adventures Of Issei In Another World (A Betrayal Story of the Red Dragon) by lucifurgesaya
Adventures Of Issei In Another Wor...by Lucifurge
My name is Issei, I am a dragon who was betrayed by the ones I loved. I have escaped to another world, where I could start everything anew. Welcome to my new life in a w...
Even The Gods May Cry by toxi28
Even The Gods May Cryby GrandCaster
Nero didn't arrive in time to save the sparda's sons, so they both "perish". However, Dante never imagined that after his death, he would be reborn as a 'ordi...
Los Hermanos Celestiales (Issei Lucifer y Vali Lucifer) by GokuBlackFanfic1
Los Hermanos Celestiales (Issei Lu...by BlackThe Joker
La historia comenzara , en años atrás en el nacimiento de Hyoudo Issei o mejor conocido Issei Lucifer , el había nacido de la misma manera , que su hermano Vali , habien...
remnant red and white dragon emperor  by MattiaDash23
remnant red and white dragon emper...by Mattia Copez
What if that the gods did leave the four relics but even two secrets relics?
Crash Fighters (A Crash Fever Story) by GeorgetteThomas4
Crash Fighters (A Crash Fever Stor...by Geo Sky
In the year 2XXX, The called city Moira City a peaceful city where humans live and there is Alicevania an idyllic place with all units used to fight in a war but a treat...
The Dragon of Hope & Stars by DragongodAstaroth
The Dragon of Hope & Starsby Zenako drake
What if the day after fighting Riser, Issei goes to the Occult Research Club to find out that Rias kicks him out, without consulting with everyone else and to add salt t...
Power of lucis  by scorch1000
Power of lucis by scorch1000
After the battle and defeat of trihexa issei that he'll have a good life with his friends and harem but is ignored by his harem, friends , parents and is beaten the kend...
to protect the one he loves by Reddragon2005
to protect the one he lovesby Shiva Kashyap
Issei when he first entered Juggernaut Drive because of asia's death he survived it which made draigg proud as he could survive but he saw himself able to use heaven's...