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Reborn as fellswap san and now I'm kinda blind!? by KarmaAkabane425
Reborn as fellswap san and now I'm...by Karma Akabane
What if..someone from our world was reborn as fellswap sans? But an accident when he was young leads to becoming blind for a long time and papyrus feels guilty about not...
Reborn as Dream from DreamTale by HyperFixtionSucks202
Reborn as Dream from DreamTaleby HyperFixtionSucks202
One minute I'm peacefully babysitting by little brother, the next in Dream from DreamTale. Does this mean I'm gonna need to act nice towards everyone? One thing's for su...
Thought To Be Dead-An Ink!Sans Fanfic by Mynameis_Moonstone_
Thought To Be Dead-An Ink!Sans Fan...by Moonstone
Ink was believed to be dead centuries ago. However, he was just greatly injured to the point of appearing dead. His grave was unvisited for decades, and as a result, he...
Found Family - Sans!Reader x Nightmare Gang by DeadEnDead
Found Family - Sans!Reader x Night...by DeadEnDead
Cherry, an unusual swap-sans type, draws the attention of Dream and Nightmare when he is left the only survivor in his underground. With his Papy's gaster blasters follo...
Friends Meeting Enemies by AngelGold238
Friends Meeting Enemiesby Angel Gold
What if there was a multiverse where Error and Ink were friends? What if the voices were the creators? What if they went to the Fgod multiverse because the voices were b...
Reincarnated as Dream with Differences by Xalatea_Zennia
Reincarnated as Dream with Differe...by Zennia
A random teenager dies in a gunfire. Now, they had awaited their fate for so long, helping everyone out till they passed on. This teen was religious and may or may not...
child!~ by Maya-mez
child!~by Queen Maya-mez
a dream sans story, we all know the dreamtale story where nightmare get corrupted after eating the negative apple dream was 9 when he was stoned, so he have a child mind...
The Story of a Reaper [COMPLETE ✔] by Undertale_tRaSh_4U
The Story of a Reaper [COMPLETE ✔]by tRaSh
When made by his father, the god of death, he didn't know his purpose. All he could do was kill things on accident...he didn't mean to kill them, he just wanted a friend...
||No Longer The Guardian|| by LilyLunaetic
||No Longer The Guardian||by Lunatic
Dream was replaced by a new young Guardian. Well that's his cue for his retirement but... Oh well, not everyone let him retire and do whatever he wanted to do. Even af...
Nightmare's little brother. (REMAKE!) // JUSTMarsLOL by JUSTMarsLOL
Nightmare's little brother. (REMAK...by JUST Mars!
~ Dream was born 21 years after Nightmare was. Right after he was born, he was already titled as the 'Guardian of Positivity'. Quite too young for a child like him. But...
Revelation  by Iightshadow
Revelation by lightshadow
The star sanses see their secrets discovered little by little by the bad sanses. The characters are not mine, only the story.
Who Am I?  by bored_romance
Who Am I? by bored_romance
You get reincarnated, you have no memories of where you were before or who you was. Your mind was blank for as long as you know. Everything will slowly come back to you...
New Eyes, New Me by TheMarsMoon
New Eyes, New Meby TheMarsMoon
Dream had spent most of his time being pushed around by Ink and was expected to be the solution to everyone's emotional problems. The only thing he did for himself was t...
♡Insomnia♡ by trashy_name
♡Insomnia♡by ganyu main
Picture not mine credit to artist! This story is about Dream who never knew anything about Error but when they spend time together and over come obstacles, maybe just ma...
Stuck in Fgod (Error404!sans) by GlowingEye4
Stuck in Fgod (Error404!sans)by GlowingEye4
Error404 is having a wonderful day in his multiverse! Error is actually keeping his criteria, Alphatale is going along well, Bill!sans is nowhere to be seen, and that DA...
Fire Escape by ThatOneCringeGirl
Fire Escapeby ThatOneCringeGirl
ever sense Error can remember, hes dedicated his life to giving his dying brother, Geno, a gift. the gift of a good, strong brother. with Geno's life slowly draining fro...
Shattered and abandoned (Killercreamare) by Galaxius_ice
Shattered and abandoned (Killercre...by Galaxius_ice
(Inspired by Steven Universe: The Movie) Dream, the most cheerful and kind skeleton of all of the universe.... At least 500 years ago. For the course of 19 years, dream...
Becoming The Dream Of The Multiverse?! by Lxzaruss
Becoming The Dream Of The Multiver...by Lazar.
DISCLAIMER: BOOK COVER ISN'T MINE AND BELONGS TO THE RIGHTFUL ORIGINAL OWNER. A mistake made by the creator, a wish that was never ever bound to happen. "Huh?"...
Dream x Blue Oneshots by FallenAsleepYetAgain
Dream x Blue Oneshotsby FallenAsleepYetAgain
Fun Fact - Dream/Blue is my comfort ship, and they deserve a book all to themselves. Art is by Mega-Loser-0 on Tumblr.
Becoming A Dream by PastaGod_Italy
Becoming A Dreamby Pasta_Birb
Chance didn't like how the story of Dreamtale became. So in one of his famous break ins, he decides to do another flip you at Fate by giving the twins something they did...