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Before It's Too Late by EastCoastPinay
Before It's Too Lateby EastCoastPinay
Avery trusted her heart with the man who promised her forever. When her trust was betrayed, the only choice was to stay or walk away. *** Avery believes that...
Keep Bleeding Love by EastCoastPinay
Keep Bleeding Loveby EastCoastPinay
Two personalities from different worlds. Can the troubled pasts that brought them to the same place bring them LOVE? Can love endure their troubled pasts? ****** ...
WHEN WE LET GO by EastCoastPinay
WHEN WE LET GOby EastCoastPinay
The moment I let go, I find myself. I see my worth. Feel my heart. Hear my voice. ====== Specifically Written for The #ModernLove Writing Contest Season 2 of Mode...
Innocently Brave by EastCoastPinay
Innocently Braveby EastCoastPinay
Her eyes sparkled like the stars. Her face beamed like the sunlight. Outside, she was a complete woman who's fighting her brokenness inside. *** A story of how bravery...
Fate finds Destiny by EastCoastPinay
Fate finds Destinyby EastCoastPinay
When Fate found out that her parents arranged her marriage to someone she had never met, she left New York determined to change her fate-hoping to find her one true love...
My Granny in Red by EastCoastPinay
My Granny in Redby EastCoastPinay
She is STRONG. She is SMART. She is FIERCE. She wears red lipstick. She is my Granny in Red. ****** Specifically written for The #EyesLipsFierce Write-a-thon Completed...
WANTED: CUPID's LOVE by EastCoastPinay
WANTED: CUPID's LOVEby EastCoastPinay
Never been touched. Never been kissed. Never had Valentine's date. One Fortune cookie combined with one crazy ad. Will she find Cupid's Love? ****** Cupid has always bee...