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Eddsworld x Reader One shots (Lemon,Fluff) Male and Female (REQUESTS CLOSED) by Xanthias_Artist101
Eddsworld x Reader One shots (Lemo...by WattpadArtist101
(DISCONTINUED!!!) just comment what you want! yes, i will be doing Lemons. So dont be afraid to ask!
Tord X Reader oneshots by WIOILIF
Tord X Reader oneshotsby Disgusting
(This Book is intended to be gender neutral, anyone can read.) Just something I could possibly use to distress from school and all that bullshit. Feel free to request o...
TomTord//TordTom Oneshots {Completed!} by Narkoma_
TomTord//TordTom Oneshots {Complet...by Igloo
Please request im desperate The title is pretty much the description but theres other information. ALSO PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE DESCRIPTION Warnings will be at the beginn...
"I Love Her..." • [Tord x reader] {COMPLETED} by LB5538
"I Love Her..." • [Tord x reader]...by LB5538
Y/n has known Tord for a very long time. She has known him sense they were baby's and immediately came close friends. Over the years growing up and becoming adults you g...
Tomtord pics by iminmars
Tomtord picsby PONIES
everybody will love me now XD °these pictures are not mine these belong to their rightful owners°
Colorful love (Eddsworld x reader) by nifibifi
Colorful love (Eddsworld x reader)by ✄- - 𝐣𝐞𝐧 - - -
Just some random story how you met the four boys, but soon something strange will happen that changes everything... [CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE] [COVER ART NOT MINE]
INSOMNIAC||•Tomtord  by onionlion
INSOMNIAC||•Tomtord by onionlion
Tord is an insomniac with his late night terrors that keeps him up late, and when Tom accidentally finds out about this, he decides to help Tord out. After all, they're...
Unfinished Business- TordEdd by maescop
Unfinished Business- TordEddby h
***COMPLETED 3/23/2018*** "You can't let anyone know. They'll kill me." "Anything you say, kitten." ((There's implied PauPat and ToMatt in this ;P ))...
!Eddsworld! Living with the gang.. by UNFORTUNATELY-WEIRD
!Eddsworld! Living with the gang..by Weirdo
Kenzie had always been a shy, nervous girl but what happens when she decided to move in with her old friend Matt and his room mates? This story is going to have my ocs e...
TordTom Oneshots by jiimjaamz
TordTom Oneshotsby dumb bastard
Dom- Tord Sub- Tom No one can change my mind on Tord being taller and Tom being shorter. So if you want Tom to be big bean man, you'll be sorely disappointed. Cover Art...
Chances by Narkoma_
Chancesby Igloo
Tomtord There will be angst, possible gore, and sad. I will not be using real last names! Thomas Keith Tord Lawson Edward Artifex Matthew Cordon THESE ARE THE LAST NAME...
Streets [A TomTord Fanfic] by CreepypastaFan014
Streets [A TomTord Fanfic]by Hazard
After the events of The End, the Red Army decided that their leader was too weak to lead them anymore. Since he lost his position as the Red Leader, he now roams the st...
Eddsworld x reader Oneshots (Requests CloSed*until I catch up) by 01c1ph3r01
Eddsworld x reader Oneshots (Reque...by Cipher
ThIs iS gOnna Be CrapPy siNcE iTs My fIrSt TimE wRiTinG an 'x ReadEr OnEShoT... SO PrepAre YoUrsElVEz fOr SomE CriNge Cover art is by mr_fishcorpse on insta btw!
You Idiot  by Laughinglikenidiot
You Idiot by stupidprofile
Tom is a ordinary tsundere who always gets annoyed easily,And Tord is a yandere who's popular.Tord was still sane until he met Tom,he was so interested about the boy tha...
I'm Yours~Eddsworld X Reader (CURRENTLY EDITING) by Wow_thatsgay
I'm Yours~Eddsworld X Reader (CURR...by Tommie_Tord14
i'M CURRENTLY EDITING THIS STORY, SO SOME CHAPTERS MAY LOOK DIFFERENT FROM OTHERS. Normal Eddsworld X reader stuff, you end up with one of the 4 and you live with them...
Unwanted Comunication | TomTord - EddsWorld by lost_ext
Unwanted Comunication | TomTord...by Lost
After long years of hardship, Tom wants to have nothing to do with the red devil horned bastard who started the war, but after somehow getting in contact with him, unwil...
Eddsworld Tom x reader💙 by Gwen_Animates
Eddsworld Tom x reader💙by Gwen_Animates
Female readers only sowwy💙 You work on retail and you met a guy with a blue hoodie with black eyes. You and him liked each other. But then your relationship with him we...
I'm not a fighter (Tom x reader)  by Fan_girl76
I'm not a fighter (Tom x reader) by Fan_girl76
Imagine hiding your terrible past life at home and running away when you turn 18. If you stayed home and never ran away, you would be a solder. From trying to run and hi...
fuck buddies |tordmatt| by gothiq
fuck buddies |tordmatt|by 🖤
matt has feelings towards tord. but their just fuck buddies. nothing else.
Eddsworld kids by catkittylover
Eddsworld kidsby Catkittylover
The three friends an self obsessed Matt an sarcastic Tom and an artistic Edd. New kid from Norway names Tord his English wasn't good he understood some English. Two meet...