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Never Seperated by Withster_05
Never Seperatedby Withers
A story where four siblings. Who once were seperated. Now, in a new world where they stick together and find new interest in their live! In here, they were... Never Sepe...
Ev-0 comic special AU: Happily ever after by Nashidk504
Ev-0 comic special AU: Happily Nash_or_smthn_IDK
Basically a timeline of alan and stella if stella didn't die. the plot takes place sometime after sunshine's egg was laid.
The Paldean Vacation Adventure with the ES Squad! by Eeveelutionreader17
The Paldean Vacation Adventure YolandaSylveon
During first 2 months of the Eeveelution Squad being assembled, Sunshine found a special golden ticket with Pokémon she's never seen before. She takes it to Lazuli since...
ES AU : Cursed Squad [ES X Jujutsu kaisen] by Maxxim_poke
ES AU : Cursed Squad [ES X Max_The_Shiny_Zeraora
Well, weird right? i think about what would happen if there was a curse in the pokemon world? just find it out. Also, if you reading ES, i recomend you all to read it fi...
Fire and Ice (an Eeveelution squad AU) by speedxlazuil125
Fire and Ice (an Eeveelution ꧁𝕊𝕚𝕝𝕧𝕚𝕒꧂
This is an AU of eeveelution squad a comic created by Pkm-150 This AU is if Speed had stayed as the flareon he evolved into but he fused the amulet and it had the berser...
ES AU: Another Day of Love || DISCONTINUED  by SkyOrBP964
ES AU: Another Day of Love || DoubleHappiness
||SLOW UPDATES|| This is an Eeveelution Squad fanfiction. It's an AU about the eeveelution squad having four other members: their names are Axel, Stella, Flora and Cream...
ES AU : Frost Returns With A New Eeveelution by Ellaine_x
ES AU : Frost Returns With A New Ellaine_x
This Is An AU If Frost Was Actually Alive. In The Special Chapter 3 Frost Died Trying To Save His Brother Black. So When Black Left Him An (Not)Old Friend Of Frost Found...
The Quadruple Eevee Squad! by tangowithdamango
The Quadruple Eevee Squad!by tangowithadango
A new Eeveelution Squad au, this is cool. This story takes place when 4 eevees were younger. One was a rescuer, one was a loner, one was friendly and jolly and the other...
Eeveelution sqaud: The quest. by dragonslayer0323
Eeveelution sqaud: The dragonslayer0323
This is a Fandom based off of PKM-150's story (Eeveelution sqaud). When the Eeveelution squad finds an injured dragapult and figures out catastrophic outcomes will occur...
ES: Speezuli by Protont
ES: Speezuliby Protont
This is an AU of Eeveelotion squad which is a comic created by EV-Zero. This is my AU of Eeveelotion Squad. This Au focuses mostly SpeedxLazuli(and little bit of other s...
DELTASQUADby UniqueUsername
Haha funny eeveelution squad x deltarune fanfic go brrrr Insperation: AquaJeth (ES: Undertale powers & UnderSquad) FanMadeStory (Speed Strange Power) Mariooonnn11 (Speed...
Pokémon In Real life(Slow Updates) by Zip_Pikachu
Pokémon In Real life(Slow Updates)by Fernando.APIKACHU
One beautiful Day's in N.C, A dad of 2 has gotten a package for something that he hides from his family, What is it for? Who's coming out of that machine? And what adven...
cartoon speed by Jjjghg
cartoon speedby Forthwallbreaker
ok so,you know bendy,from batim? well what if speed,flare,and Kris were all like the cartoons from that game speed is bendy flare is Boris Kris is alice angle
yandere lazuli and Insane speed by Jjjghg
yandere lazuli and Insane speedby Forthwallbreaker
lazuli is a yandere in this AU...and she doesn't know that crystal was speed's sister and well... let's say what she does to her makes speed go...insane...
ES AU: Q&A by PKM-251
ES AU: Q&Aby PKM-251
Have a question for Rose from More Family that involves her adventures with Frost? How about Speedy from Fenale Speed for who she would have dated if Black and her never...
Eeveelution Squad AU: THE FLASH (Book 1) by EvanB6568
Eeveelution Squad AU: THE FLASH ( EvanB656
Eeveelution Squad characters if they were in The Flash TV show on the CW Pokemon Belongs to Game Freak and Nintendo Eeveelution Squad Characters Belong to EV-Zero Cover...
Outsiders Become Pokémon by J-the-Jolteon
Outsiders Become Pokémonby J-the-Jolteon
In this Eeveelution Squad universe, Civilian and Outside Pokémon were at war with each other. With the Civilian Pokémon winning the war, they captured most of the outsid...
Eeveelution Squad Fanfiction by GeritoSotoshi
Eeveelution Squad Fanfictionby GeritoSotoshi
Hi! this is my first time creating a story or a fiction hope you like it. The Pokémon character are belong to the creator of Pokémon series and the story of it belongs t...
ES Au: A New Adventure! (Sequel) by PKM-251
ES Au: A New Adventure! (Sequel)by PKM-251
This will be a continuous of Blue and Yellow Adventure.
ESAU: UnderTale Powers (REWRITTEN IN UNDERSQUAD) by AquaJeth
ESAU: UnderTale Powers ( AquaJeth
-Rebooted in UnderSquad- So basically: Speed is Sans Crystal is Undyne Flare is Papyrus Eeveelution Squad belongs to EV-Zero on Deviant Art!