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ES: Speezuli by Protont
ES: Speezuliby Protont
This is an AU of Eeveelotion squad which is a comic created by EV-Zero. This is my AU of Eeveelotion Squad. This Au focuses mostly SpeedxLazuli(and little bit of other s...
inventer speed by Jjjghg
inventer speedby Fourthwallbreaker
speed is this AU, so yeah,the name saids it all...e n j o y
Flare SMP by Jjjghg
Flare SMPby Fourthwallbreaker
so y'all know the dream SMP right? if not then it, please...
AU ES:A life I never wanted(Outlaw) by duck54678
AU ES:A life I never wanted(Outlaw)by The DumbDuck
(Slow) Idk to say if it is a what if or a AU of Speed as a outlaw but we'll see Cover is putted on its not finished If you like it vote if there's anything good comment...
Eeveelution CD by EeveeReader
Eeveelution CDby EeveeReader
Follow Sonic in this new adventure! Trapped in a new world along with his friends and Robotnik. Meeting new creatures while creating new friends. He's gonna speed throug...
ES Drabbles  by ShiningJolteon
ES Drabbles by •ꜱʜɪɴɪɴɢᴊᴏʟᴛᴇᴏɴ•
Just some heartfelt Drabbles about everyone's Favourite Squad of Pokemon. Enjoy! Characters involved: Speed Lazuli Silvia Black Pearl Axel Sunshine Crystal SolerFlare Tr...
ES Au: A New Adventure! (Sequel) by PKM-251
ES Au: A New Adventure! (Sequel)by PKM-251
This will be a continuous of Blue and Yellow Adventure.
The Voices (ESAU) by AquaJeth
The Voices (ESAU)by AquaJeth
Interact with the cinnamon roll!
ES:AU Speeds Determination by mariooonnn11
ES:AU Speeds Determinationby
This is a eeveelution squad AU where speed is born with Determination..? eeveelution squad and respective characters belong to pkm-150
(Still On Process) Our Future Family Eeveelution Squad  by Icicy_08
(Still On Process) Our Future Icicy The Glacier
The Eevee Family goes to a vacation with the sisters Stella, Cream, and Flor even with Speedy's best friend. You guessed it Trace! Even though when they thought the vaca...
ES AU: Another Day of Love || DISCONTINUED  by SkyOrBP964
ES AU: Another Day of Love || DoubleHappiness
||SLOW UPDATES|| This is an Eeveelution Squad fanfiction. It's an AU about the eeveelution squad having four other members: their names are Axel, Stella, Flora and Cream...
yandere lazuli and Insane speed: chapter 2! by Jjjghg
yandere lazuli and Insane speed: Fourthwallbreaker
this takes place during the vacation arc thing... for new readers: this is a sequel to 'yandere lazuli and Insane speed' enjoy!
ES AU: Speed Joltmin by Withster_05
ES AU: Speed Joltminby Withers
So uhh... this is a story where Speed have Henry's abilities Pokemon belongs to Nintendo and Game Freak Characters belong to PKM-150 Art belongs to Kashninja This story...
Eeveelution Squad Truth or Dare by Protont
Eeveelution Squad Truth or Dareby Protont
Basically just another ES Truth or Dare. I know there are many of these on wattpad alredy but I just wanted to make one too. If you have any dare please put it in the co...
Outsiders Become Pokémon by J-the-Jolteon
Outsiders Become Pokémonby J-the-Jolteon
In this Eeveelution Squad universe, Civilian and Outside Pokémon were at war with each other. With the Civilian Pokémon winning the war, they captured most of the outsid...
what could we be (eeveelution squad) by Kashninja
what could we be (eeveelution _the_tired_Jolty
its an es au were when lazuli speed and flare were fighting cc lazuli had finished the sentence were she was saying that she loves speed.
ESAU: UnderTale Powers (REWRITTEN IN UNDERSQUAD) by AquaJeth
ESAU: UnderTale Powers ( AquaJeth
-Rebooted in UnderSquad- So basically: Speed is Sans Crystal is Undyne Flare is Papyrus Eeveelution Squad belongs to EV-Zero on Deviant Art!
eeveelution squad a new gen by Kru537719
eeveelution squad a new genby KIERA ROSE
This takes place in the future of my eeveelution squad characters and they are having kids from the original eeveelution squad and the sylveon and shaymain show.
Fire and Ice (an Eeveelution squad AU) by speedxlazuil125
Fire and Ice (an Eeveelution ꧁𝕊𝕚𝕝𝕧𝕚𝕒꧂
This is an AU of eeveelution squad a comic created by Pkm-150 This AU is if Speed had stayed as the flareon he evolved into but he fused the amulet and it had the berser...