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Nothing Matters Now (Ejen Ali Fanfic) by maeed437
Nothing Matters Now (Ejen Ali Fanf...by M-437
Ali Ghazali, the son of Dr. Ghazali the main person responsible for Cyberaya's moderinity and fancy tech. Many people wanted the boy to be just like his father but he ca...
{COMPLETED} The More You Hate, The More You Love {Ejen Ali Fanfic} by amyrose246
{COMPLETED} The More You Hate, The...by @Blare Rose
(Will undergo editing starting 07/06/2021) It's been a few years after defeating Uno, and long after the great Agent Zain perished along with him, Ali had been getting b...
Dead Azurium (Season 2:Reformed Alliance ) by maeed437
Dead Azurium (Season 2:Reformed Al...by M-437
READ Season 1 first ! Ejen Ali belongs to Wau Animations After his father's death, Ali kept on moving to find what remains of his trusted ones out in the world filled wi...
The More You Gain, The Less You Have {Ejen Ali Fanfic} by amyrose246
The More You Gain, The Less You Ha...by @Blare Rose
Sequel to "The More You Hate, The More You Love" A year has passed, the events of Mission: Neo has passed, and Viktor ceased to exist. As punishment for causi...
Unexpected {Ejen Ali Fanfic} by wispylingerer
Unexpected {Ejen Ali Fanfic}by Łįńg
Ali and Alicia are now in secondary school, SMT Cyberaya. They're now two trained teenage agents and will face missions even more dangerous compared to the ones they wer...
Ejen Ali : Redoing The Past by MERCURYnone
Ejen Ali : Redoing The Pastby MERCURYnone
Ali woke up from his sleep to find himself in the past. With the knowledge of the past, he tried to fix his mistake. Will he succeded to change his fate or make it worse...
Ejen Ali + Boboiboy : The Premium Witch Of Family  by bellaheart_aoi
Ejen Ali + Boboiboy : The Premium...by @ BELLA @
3 years after the incident war between Ali and Niki. Ali start to his fresh normal students and agent of M.A.T.A. Ali meet his cousin once more and start to feel upsided...
Boboiboy n Ali:Bnha World by Nazemi_99
Boboiboy n Ali:Bnha Worldby
Boboiboy timeline:After fighting Retakka Ejen Ali. timeline:After fighting Nikki
Ejen Ali One Shot by alanisurauthor_
Ejen Ali One Shotby It's Alan!
It's a one shot stories with long chapters . Most of the ship is Alilicia . My fv character is Rizwan .. so every chapter .. he will take half of the pov with Ali . Enjo...
Change To Become, A Strongest Agent: A Ejen Ali Fanfiction by WorldUnknown010
Change To Become, A Strongest Agen...by WorldUnknown010
In this story, Ali is now 15 years old, 3 years after the fight of Niki or Mission Neo. The Chief Pillars give Ali a second chance to serve M.A.T.A again but his not be...
Dead Azurium ( Season 1 How It All Started ) by maeed437
Dead Azurium ( Season 1 How It All...by M-437
Not a sequel. Takes place after Ejen Ali The Movie:Misi Neo and BBBTM2 Warning spoilers!! Just a fanfiction Ejen ali belongs to Wau Animations Boboiboy belongs to Monst...
"your turn" by Orville_sqhy
"your turn"by Orvil
Ali and Alicia got into a different schools after they turned 13 And somehow Alicia got lonely without him, lmao. 💀
REMEMBRANCE | an ejen ali fanfiction by psychedelican
REMEMBRANCE | an ejen ali fanficti...by mika
After Ali left MATA, he also left Cyberaya shortly after. It's been months since, and he's not here to play around any longer.
Ejen ali one shot book (Alilicia) by Nootsanddoots
Ejen ali one shot book (Alilicia)by Noots/Noot
The title already explains. An alilicia one shot book because there's a lack of english fanfiction in the fandom. Have fun reading! Includes: Ali x Alicia oneshots or dr...
The Agent Gang | bbb ft. ea ff  by nezttiey
The Agent Gang | bbb ft. ea ff by nez
Apa jadi kalau sebenarnya Ali adalah salah satu anggota Tapops seperti Boboiboy dan Boboiboy dan kawan kawannya juga adalah salah satu ejen MATA seperti Ali? __________ ...
M.A.T.A Secret Project  by MuhammadFirdaus183
M.A.T.A Secret Project by Muhammad Firdaus
Mengisahkan perjuangan M.A.T.A untuk mencari musuh sebenar M.A.T.A
Ejen Ali Oneshots (Alilicia) by Mikayanji
Ejen Ali Oneshots (Alilicia)by Mikayanji
Ali x Alicia oneshots coming your way! For that daily dose of Ejen Ali. This includes Au's and Short Stories too!~~~~ [COMPLETE]
Son Of The Cup Bearer {Percy Jackson x Ejen Ali} by wispylingerer
Son Of The Cup Bearer {Percy Jacks...by Łįńg
Ali bin Ghazali is a demigod. But upon being transported to the well-known demigod training facility Camp Half-Blood, it was to find evil schemes taking place. Funnily...
To Restart The Life I Know- Yet Not (Time Travel Fanfic) by LWritesStory
To Restart The Life I Know- Yet No...by L
At that cold night, moon high on the sky and corpses under the moonlight. It's not just any corpses though, it's the corpses of people in M.A.T.A Academy or to be more p...
A one shot book of Ejen Ali ver.1! Request closed I take stories: ⛈️ angst ⛈️ 🌥fluff 🌥 ☁normal ☁ I don't take smut, lemon or lime request. ENGLISH IS NOT MY TONGUE LAN...