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Contagion of Madness by JadenSeptum
Contagion of Madnessby Gem
Ah! A new arrival! I'm so happy I could tear out your intestines and strangle you with them! I suppose an introduction is in order. I'm Sheogorath, Prince of Madness. An...
The Hero's Wife by EmeraldDraegon
The Hero's Wifeby Tauren O'Shea
What if the Hero of Kvatch had been married? How would his wife feel about his adventures? Let her tell you all about it in this one-shot based on Bethesda's Elder Scrol...
Uriel's Heir by JadenSeptum
Uriel's Heirby Gem
Revelation 9:2 "When he opened the Abyss, smoke rose from it like the smoke from a gigantic furnace. The sun and sky were darkened by the smoke from the Abyss. And...
Dragonborn and Her Adventures by HearComsTreble
Dragonborn and Her Adventuresby That_Peasant
So I'm just gonna write random stuff about Skyrim in here.
Tales From Oblivion: Winfred SharkMan by TheWatermelonWarrior
Tales From Oblivion: Winfred Shark...by TheWatermelonWarrior
Winfred SharkMan is a simple man who makes his living pilfering gold from water fountains. His neon blue skin and abnormally large nose have never stopped him from livin...
The Waterfront by skyrimfics
The Waterfrontby skyrimfics
Ebony is a simple Bosmer residing in the Imperial City Waterfront. Her daily life is pretty normal for a commoner - until night. The seemingly innocent wood elf lives be...
The Seven Deadly Sins of Tamriel by Kayto2538
The Seven Deadly Sins of Tamrielby Kayto2538
What happens when Meliodas and the gang wake up in the Imperial Prison in stead of the player. They will embark on an incredible journey to save Tamriel and "Close...