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Into A New World by betterthanyou2004
Into A New Worldby betterthanyou2004
Sam is transported into Middle Earth and joins the Company of Thorin Oakenshield to reclaim Erebor then joins The Fellowship of The Ring to destroy Sauron. The first fe...
Broken Spirit (LOTR Fanfiction General - Little Legolas, Family Drama) by sivanshemesh5
Broken Spirit (LOTR Fanfiction Gen...by Sivan Shemesh
Princeling Legolas disobeyed his father. The punishment leads over incident that no one ever wished. Would the Peredhil' saved the day? Note: The twins in this story are...
Hunted by spiderwiz
Huntedby Spiderwiz
When Legolas is just a young elf, he goes hunting with Elrond's twin sons, Elladan and Elrohir. What happens when they get captured and taken by orcs?!
Unlikely Rescue by ghostofwolves
Unlikely Rescueby ghostofwolves
Legolas is the equivalent of a 15 year old human, making him around 100. His father, Thranduil, blames his son for the death of his wife (in this story she died in child...
Chances Are (Avengers & LOTR crossover)  by sexylegolas
Chances Are (Avengers & LOTR cross...by Natalie Rushman
ON UNFORESEEN HIATUS-LOTR & AVENGERS CROSSOVER. ROMANCE. WANDA X ELROHIR. Wanda Maximoff was a world class failure. Things are fixed but never the same. Chances are, she...
When the Sun Rises by Havecouragebkind
When the Sun Risesby Josie
Taenya is an elleth who lives in the forest outside of the village of Willowdale. She is naive, innocent, and kind-- exactly the kind of lady Elladan would fall in love...
One-shots for LoTR by _NirCele
One-shots for LoTRby NirCele
One-shots about life in Imladris (aka Rivendell) starring Elrond, Elrohir, Elladan, Glorfindel, Erestor, Lindir, and Celebrían.
When My Lord is not Home by RandomElleth
When My Lord is not Homeby Írui
1) Lindir is the children's nanny. 2) Lindir uses Estel to get out of a bad day.
Enchanted - HP/LoTR by _ELS_______
Enchanted - HP/LoTRby ♡
* UNDERGOING RE-WRITE * Re-written chapters: 1, Alarya Lily Potter; The girl who lived; the witch who won; alongside a multitude of other names which over the years she...
Just a Simple Mistake (LOTR General  Fanfiction) by sivanshemesh5
Just a Simple Mistake (LOTR Genera...by Sivan Shemesh
Lord Elrond and the twins blamed him. How could he look at his friend's face once again? It was his fault and he knew it.
Lord of the Rings Oneshots by DaydreamsDaisies
Lord of the Rings Oneshotsby Sami
Here's some of my oneshots that I've posted on my Tumblr, Elfy-Elf-Imagines. Feel free to send any requests for oneshots you might have! I write for all the elves in the...
The Prince's Visions by Havecouragebkind
The Prince's Visionsby Josie
People say that death is not the end. For Evelyn, it's not. After battling cancer for almost four years, death is something that this nineteen year old girl welcomes wit...
So The Journey Begins by TheCrazyOne97
So The Journey Beginsby TheCrazyOne97
Book One "From the time we are born we start making choices. At the time when we are young we learned that our choices come with consequences. Some are good, and so...
Estel | Aragorn Fanfiction by jesseknows
Estel | Aragorn Fanfictionby jess
Eleniel, daughter of Finwe, sister of Finarfin has lived a long life. She had lived through it all. The coming of her people to Arda from Valinor. The First War against...
The Other Ranger [ Lord Of The Rings x Silmarillion ] by Silmarilz1701
The Other Ranger [ Lord Of The Rin...by J | Julianne
#1 in Tolkien, #1 in Silmarillion, #1 in Lord of the Rings, #1 in Elrohir, #1 in Dunedain First in LotR series, Fëanoriel Chronicles. *** Miril has been raised by Halbar...
Lady of Lórien | Legolas by HannahDottier
Lady of Lórien | Legolasby ❂𝒱𝒾𝒸𝓉𝑜𝓇𝒾𝒶❂
"I joined this cause because it was right." "Oh." "Why did you join?" "W...
The Wood Elf and The Peredhil by Elfies37
The Wood Elf and The Peredhilby Kathryn Rogers
*COMPLETED* Elladan and Legolas are to be wed. Neither of them quite wants it, at first. Their fathers want to bring Rivendell and Mirkwood together. But when Elladan fi...
The Ghost Warrior [Legolas Fan Fic] by Zelinith
The Ghost Warrior [Legolas Fan Fic]by Zelinith
***First in The Ghost Warrior Series*** Little Legolas and Thranduil are in Imladris for meetings to discuss the growing darkness in Middle-Earth. Within two days of bei...
A Ranger's Friendship by jumpingmanatee
A Ranger's Friendshipby jumpingmanatee
Kagome is killed in the final battle against Naraku. Inuyasha wishes on the Shikon Jewel that Kagome have a different life in a different place. She is reborn in Middle...
The Light Warriors (Middle Earth) by Hellolicecresm
The Light Warriors (Middle Earth)by BlueStarlight
This storyline will happen before and during the fellowship of the ring. The Fellowship of the Ring is not the only group to help destroy the darkness But there is anoth...