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More Light Than Heat : A One Shot For Saving Elliot by EarthtoVenus
More Light Than Heat : A One Shot...by Venus
And the weirdness Madeleine Jensen used to face daily took a break on a Saturday morning.
Can't Be Saved (Saving Elliot OneShot) by worthxmentioning
Can't Be Saved (Saving Elliot OneS...by worthxmentioning
The dead have been waking for years now, and I still haven't gotten used to the smells. The sound. The feeling of dead things watching me as I eat, sleep, breath. It sta...
The Stars by odairose
The Starsby ria
❝What’s your favorite thing about the stars, dad?❞
Sincerely, Elliot. by hxrshey
Sincerely, Elliot.by hxrshey
This is a Saving Elliot one shot. Thanks to Rose North (northbynorth) for writing the whole freaking awesome book - Saving Elliot - that I had spend months hyperventilat...
Save me, Elliot by unrealisticdreamer
Save me, Elliotby n
A compilation of Saving Elliot (by author Rose North, northbynorth) one-shots written by myself.
Echoes by farawayshores
Echoesby sav
"If you love someone, set them free." A 'Saving Elliot' one-shot
My SE One-Shot by vampkween
My SE One-Shotby cici
At this very moment, my stomach is twisting and turning. This is a Saving Elliot One-Shot short story.
Closure // A Saving Elliot One Shot by theguoddess
Closure // A Saving Elliot One Shotby theguoddess
I can only hope to provide some of my insight to this stunning story about love. Dedicated to the one and only Rose (northbynorth) and all rights to this one shot belong...
How We End by wideeyedbastards
How We Endby moka
My one-shot for @northbynorth for Saving Elliot
One - Shot  by johanssens
One - Shot by johanssens
One shot submission for Saving Elliot
Saving Elliot-One shot by stephanieOFTO
Saving Elliot-One shotby stephanieOFTO
My entry for the one shot ~Saving Elliot competition. Hope you enjoy.
Im Coming Back For You by BastardGoneWrong
Im Coming Back For Youby BastardGoneWrong
A very cheesy epilogue for Saving Elliot
Click by cosmonauts
Clickby cosmonauts
And, suddenly, Elliot feels like a little boy again and Jensen is the girl sitting in class right next to him. He’s so confused because he peeks at her again, and this t...
Fintry; A Saving Elliot's one-shot. by e____r
Fintry; A Saving Elliot's one-shot.by e____r
Fintry's back and he's back for Jensen.
Saving Elliot One-Shot: Just Listen by asperatus
Saving Elliot One-Shot: Just Listenby lisja ¨̮
elliot fintry promised to come back and elliot Jensen believed him. "Saving Elliot" by northbynorth one-shot. disclaimer: i do not own any character of this on...
Under The Stars by deeeyyyyynuhhh
Under The Starsby deeeyyyyynuhhh
"Do you know what I realized?" "What?" He asked turning his head to look at me. "That when you love, sh*t happens." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ S...
Begin Again by paperaliens
Begin Againby paperaliens
She knew from the start that there was something a little off this Christmas.