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Love That Thaws by JupiterStyx
Love That Thawsby Jupiter Emerald
Word count- 41,964 (Y/n) grew up close to the royal family. Her mother being the queen's closest friend. Though she was close with both the girls, she always felt a deep...
Frozen: Fire and Ice (Elsa x Reader - Gender Neutral) by elsa_snowflake1
Frozen: Fire and Ice (Elsa x Reade...by TAK
King Agnarr and Queen Iduna send out guards to get someone who can help their daughter, Elsa, control her powers. The guards search Arendelle, and eventually come across...
Frozen I & II ( Male! Elsa x Fem!Reader) ✔️ by Love_Aki
Frozen I & II ( Male! Elsa x Fem!R...by still alive
Follow Y/n , Elias, Anna, Kristoff and Olaf to an adventurous journey. How they find friendship, betrayal, sadness and most importantly love. Frozen - (✔️Completed) Fro...
The Guard (Elsa x Fem Reader) by elsa_snowflake1
The Guard (Elsa x Fem Reader)by TAK
Arendelle's soldiers were being watched carefully, so that the best one would be picked for Queen Elsa. That wasn't a hard task, as one soldier easily stood out above th...
Disney Frozen: Elsa x Male Reader by NehpetsSanders
Disney Frozen: Elsa x Male Readerby NehpetsSanders
You are (Y/N), whose origins are next to unknown as you are found by the head servant of the Arrendelle Monarch on the outskirts of their kingdom... in the most magical...
Friend or Foe  (Elsa X Fem!Reader) Frozen/FrozenII by Koud_Folc
Friend or Foe (Elsa X Fem!Reader)...by Klouc_
Power is really all that keeps mankind's story somewhat interesting. With all their words and fists flying to get higher up. Even when they hold ideals that are against...
Frozen II: Fire and Ice (Elsa x Reader - Gender Neutral) by elsa_snowflake1
Frozen II: Fire and Ice (Elsa x Re...by TAK
Sequel to Frozen: Fire and Ice When Elsa goes on an adventure to discover the threat to Arendelle, she will learn crucial parts of her past. You are also hearing a voice...
 Elsa x Fem Reader: The Fire Element  by Legendary_Idk_
Elsa x Fem Reader: The Fire Eleme...by Legendary_Idk_
You were great friends with Kristoff and Sven. One day you were working regular and singing with everyone else until Kristoff came and bring along his girlfriend Princes...
Twisted | Elsa x Female Reader - Frozen by GoldenEnderFox
Twisted | Elsa x Female Reader - F...by GoldenEnderFox
Disney Frozen - Elsa x Female Reader - Based on the Frozen Twisted Tale Elsa accidentally makes (Y/N) with her powers... Her feelings grow for (Y/N) as the years go on...
Say You Won't Let Go ( Elsa x Female Reader) by chibelthetaco
Say You Won't Let Go ( Elsa x Fema...by bella
-I'm so in love with you but you never knew-
Pick of the Patch by Nerd_Alert22
Pick of the Patchby Nerd_Alert
Two lifelong best friends slowly come to the realization that there might've been something between them they didn't notice until now. Or... A Modern world Elsaxfemreade...
Elsa X [FEMALE] Reader by Allami
Elsa X [FEMALE] Readerby • the scarlet witch •
Elsa X [FEMALE] Reader This story WILL have: SMUT FLUFF ANGST (i'm not every good at angst but i'll try :')) ❤I needed to make this because of how gay I am for the snow...
You by chibelthetaco
Youby bella
" I miss you, Love".
The New Girl (ModernElsa x MaleReader) by Uncle_Dante
The New Girl (ModernElsa x MaleRea...by adrien kyle
The new girl, Elsa Winters, seems to have caught your eye. It's just a small interest though, what will come out of this?
Frozen II (Elsa x Fem Reader) by MsDraken25
Frozen II (Elsa x Fem Reader)by MsDraken25
This is frozen two but gay I recommend you read my first one first 😃 ( frozen is not mine it is a Disney movie) (Slow updates)