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The Bash (Discontinued) by MysteryTime202
The Bash (Discontinued)by MysteryTime202
What if I told you that your best friend is a creature that feeds on human souls? In this town, your teacher could be a warlock and you wouldn't even know. This is a sto...
My Life As A Lie by Sagetari
My Life As A Lieby Sage
Aric Dace has led a somewhat normal life. Crushing on the girl. A mom who takes care of him, but is too busy to do much. When his mother decides to take him somewhere fo...
MythEye *On Hold* by Mikkie718
MythEye *On Hold*by mikaela fitz
Marie has a special gift that allows her to see the so-called "mythical creatures." This gift is called MythEye and the only person who knows Marie has this gi...
Misfire by AlexandBlade
Misfireby AlexandBlade
"I'm not giving up. Not when there are five million other ways to die."
The End and the Beginning by Bookaholic128
The End and the Beginningby Erin
Anna Chang, a normal teenage girl in a failing relationship and about to graduate from high school, is unwillingly thrust into a secret world full of danger and chaos by...
War by Aliosa_Draconis
Warby Jennifer S.
A world with many different fantasy species, once in a tense peace, has now fallen into an all-out war, dragging many from any kingdom to fight in its bloody battles. Fo...
Nightwalker (DMC5 V) by -L1mb0-
Nightwalker (DMC5 V)by The Edge Lord
"And what, exactly, is your end goal." V questioned for the first time since they'd begun walking. He'd tried to be vague, get her to answer without asking, bu...
Deal with the Devil by starkiddsouza
Deal with the Devilby Luna
The side of hell never seen before /The story that rests within its walls /You might imagine it, but don't ask for more /For you never know when the time calls