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Obey Me! MC's Adventures in the Devildom by Jaeda_lovee25
Obey Me! MC's Adventures in the De...by ⭐Oneesan~💧
Fanfic! Inspiration from the game Obey Me! that I personally recommend. I hope you enjoy it!
Secrets of Manifestation by umasreedasan
Secrets of Manifestationby umasreedasan
This Self-Help non-fiction book describes the technology of manifesting your Desires in your physical Reality using Traditional Manifestation Methods of Visualization, A...
Eve of Enlightenment by gustopholous
Eve of Enlightenmentby gustopholous
A mysterious past, an unrequited love, and a desperate need to find himself, fifteen-year-old Kalyn has enough to occupy him without being on the verge of a massive soci...
『 c r a s h - l a n d i n g 』 by er4sed
『 c r a s h - l a n d i n g 』by 『 s a t o r u 』
crash-landing /ˌkraSHˈlandiNG/ (n.) an occasion when an aircraft lands suddenly because of an emergency, sometimes resulting in serious damage or injuries.
the hybrid by 4242564DWMA
the hybridby 4242564DWMA
Marin stackhouse is the adoptive little sister of Jason stackhouse and older sister to sookie stackhouse. Half witch and half vampire the first of her kind, she is an or...
Fagrid (A Hagrid x Reader fic) by CultOfAsparagus
Fagrid (A Hagrid x Reader fic)by Cult Of Asparagus
You land yourself a job at Hogwarts looking for love. You soon find Hagrid the Horrible Half-giant and fall head over heels. In this erotic tale of two forbidden lovers...
Beyond the Veil : Secrets of the Paranormal by SANunes82
Beyond the Veil : Secrets of the P...by S.A.NUNES
Many scholars and theologians have wondered, guessed and even obsessed over the details of the afterlife, but for best-selling author S.A.Nunes, the journey of understan...
Spritual  "Peacefull Happy " LIFE by AvinashTripathi946
Spritual "Peacefull Happy " LIFEby AvinashTripathi946
Spirituality is the journey inwards, a journey of self-discovery or, in fact, re-discovery. Learning Spiritualism is time taken for quiet reflection and silence, away fr...
Reveries: A Collection Of Poems  by MarkTheDark87
Reveries: A Collection Of Poems by Mark The Dark
This book is a collection of poems I have written. My style of poems are dark and grim but offer a glimmer of hope so if you don't like stories and poems that are dark b...
Moments with my First Love ✔️ by Highly_FavoreDii
Moments with my First Love ✔️by DR Cliff
'FIRST LOVE NEVER DIES.' Do you believe in it? MOST IMPRESSIVE WRITING RANKS: [JULY 2020] #8 in Devotions category in just 2 weeks [AUGUST 2020] #1 in Enlightenment cate...
Absurd Haikus, an Autobiography by jimrileyenlight
Absurd Haikus, an Autobiographyby Jim Riley
Poems tug against the leash of the constraints of meaning. Words pull back. Highest ranks, #1 in Surrealism, #1 in Absurdity, #1 in Enlightening.
Written Down Feelings( Original Poetry) by Lucifers_chiild
Written Down Feelings( Original Po...by Lucifers_chiild
They drown me in my sleep They choke me when I'm awake The words in my thoughts Scream inside make me ache And so the graphite in my fingertips Make the words flow throu...
Remnants: A Poetry Collection by ReeReverie
Remnants: A Poetry Collectionby Maria Crawford
Poetry and a bit of prose, for my heart cannot rest until I tell its stories. Saturated with love, drenched in despair, and drizzled with a touch of hope. rem·nant ...
Epiphanies by Enlightening13
Epiphaniesby Cherry Charul
In the world of materials, love has become synonymous with lust. When a person looks deep within then they can experience a love which is beyond right and wrong and beyo...
The Light by jimrileyenlight
The Lightby Jim Riley
Poetry of enlightenment. Highest ranks, #1 in Enlightenment, #1 in Deep Poetry, # 1 in Book of Poetry, #1 in Meaning of Life.
The Path of Friends by hephzytee
The Path of Friendsby Hephzibah
The thrilling story of two intimate friends. Everyone thought they were lovers,but they were more than lovers they were soulmates. Inseparable friends. Could a man and...
Messages From Metatron: A Course in Self-Transformation by NinaBingham
Messages From Metatron: A Course i...by Devi Nina Bingham
If you liked, "A Course In Miracles" you will love, "Messages From Metatron: A Course In Self-Transformation." Readers are calling it "captivati...
Personality Disorders by EasonV
Personality Disordersby Eason Vora
List of all of the personality disorders. (10)
The Artist by MegaRockof
The Artistby MegaRockof
A young boy wishes to become the greatest artist in his time. However, the competition is high and the challenges many. Does he have what it takes? Loosely inspired by F...
sHe: THE RISE OF THE NEW BREEDS [Book 1] by authorNorm
DISCLAIMER: THE KILLER VIRUS which is of influenza in nature to the current global outbreak of the CoronaVirus (Covid-19) is purely coincidental and unintentional in the...