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Dadzawa:I will protect you by enby_bro
Dadzawa:I will protect youby Bored.nerd
Izukus mother dies and aizawa finds him will he grow attached to baby izu or will he let him go into foster care Started April 7th
Glass Heart by Peachyanimelover
Glass Heartby PeachyAnimeLover
TRIGGER WARNINGS - suicide attempts and consideration, self harm and depression. Izuku is being abused by his father. His mother left him and ended up dying. Izuku at th...
Vigilante Deku by DarKShadoW788
Vigilante Dekuby DarKShadoW788
Deku was a normal boy until his quirk appeared, he goes into the life of a vigilante and sparks the attention of a certain hero and group of villains ⚠️skitzophrenia
Home (BNHA x Male OC) by silverowlbells
Home (BNHA x Male OC)by silverowlbells
Shinso is out one weekend and almost gets pickpocketed by a teen with a powerful mind control quirk. Aizawa gets overprotective and goes to hunt down the criminal only t...
UA's Immortal Teacher by MoonMonarchy
UA's Immortal Teacherby MoonMonarchy
Meet Izuku Midoriya, UA's resident immortal. After an extended holiday traveling the world, Izuku-sensei decides to come back to UA and teach the next generation of hero...
The Hopeless Boy (U.A Staff Chat) by JustUrLocalDumbass
The Hopeless Boy (U.A Staff Chat)by ÅMĮÑÅ
As Present Mic created a staff chat for important meanings *cough* Chaos *cough* He accidentally added a random person in the group chat they let him stay but the will t...
Erasermic pictures¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (INCOMPLETE) by FlyingTodoroni
Erasermic pictures¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ( patrick star
only erasermic pictures. Inspired by @Lil_MonsterAnimates I'm pretty new in this 👁👄👁
My Dumbass Neighbor ⇝ EraserMic by AizawaShota
My Dumbass Neighbor ⇝ EraserMicby ✿
››› [COMPLETED] "Dear, Blonde Loud Next Door Neighbor, I see that you have your own boys volleyball team, that's nice. I hope you guys lose every game. Seriously...
The Quirkless Hacker by Dude_Epic
The Quirkless Hackerby Dude Epic
He sees everything, He knows everything, You can't hide your crimes from him, He will get you, and you can only pray that the rumors about him are wrong. His the vigilan...
Teacher chatroom {BNHA} by TaurusDoodles
Teacher chatroom {BNHA}by Sammy
Nezu makes the mistake of creating a chatroom for the UA staff
Random Erasermic prompts by weebywashere0101
Random Erasermic promptsby Weebypeaches
Well title says it all but there will nsfw. !!IF YOU ARE NOT MATURE ENOUGH TO READ NSFW DO NOT READ!! If you would like me to mark what is smut and what if fluff please...
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Jade  by gloomyblueberry
Jade by gloomyblueberry
Izuku Midoriya had had enough of the world's obvious bias against him. He didn't care anymore, he would change how the world saw him, and he would do that by becoming th...
The Deamons We Share by WheresTheWay0ut
The Deamons We Shareby ROSA
For the first time in a while, Shota Aizawa is scared. Scared for himself, for his class, but most importantly, scared for Midoriya Izuku. He is so, so scared for Midori...
This Kid is a Vigilante!? by dinorocket5
This Kid is a Vigilante!?by DinoRocket
Aizawa's day was perfectly normal, hating his coworkers and tired as hell. But it all went off the rails when he found himself as... a cat? or After an accident that ma...
Izuku and The Sea Dragon by Hiro_No_Kaze
Izuku and The Sea Dragonby Hiro_No_Kaze
Izuku Yagi, born to Inko Yagi and Toshinori Yagi, the twin brother of Izumi Yagi. Neglected and abused by his family for the sole fact of him being diagnosed as quirkles...
A tale of the nine tailed fox- Spirit Animals - Tododeku by Noobet3
A tale of the nine tailed fox- Tododeku Addiction
In this Au there are only three types of animals Rabbits are known to be the most common and with a bubbly/shy personality Wolves are supposedly known to be fierce and...
MHA oneshots by bakubitchesbestfren
MHA oneshotsby anon
REQUESTS OPEN Will Include: angst fluff a n g s t themes of abuse, suicide, self harm. i will put a trigger warning and what the chapter includes at the top of the cha...
Why do I love you(Todobaku) by BluebonnetsAt_Dawn
Why do I love you(Todobaku)by Bluebonnets at dawn
Everything's fine. Everything's fine on the outside, but on the inside, Todoroki is hurting. Dealing with his abusive dad while struggling with the depression that he fe...
Aizawa Family....Adopted Shinso and Deku by Tododeku15Kiribaku
Aizawa Family....Adopted Shinso Tododeku15Kiribaku
Aizawa is on a patrol in the middle of the night, when he hears two tiny voices crying. Crying out for their mother, and goes investigate. In a dark alley, he spots two...
This is Bullshit by MTDSOW
This is Bullshitby Freddie
After his death, Kakashi gets sent into the world of BNHA. He still has all his powers and memories, but no where to stay, which is nothing new to the ninja. After a few...