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Dauntless  by ChemicalX101
Dauntless by ChemicalX101
Eric x oc *mature audiences*. Enjoy the story of Eric and my oc Jessica ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Why do you care?" He asked Excuse me?! "No! I should be asking wh...
Different by taracake
Differentby taracake
When a fierce girl joins Dauntless, she is not what they expected. She is smart, brave, and never scared to face anything. She is Amity born, but her parents got killed...
The Leader by divergentdestiny
The Leaderby 𝓓𝓮𝓼𝓽𝓲𝓷𝔂
She transferred to Dauntless from Amity to toughen up. Her plan didn't include making friends, nor did she plan to catch the eyes of a certain blue eyed leader. But here...
Deserve Better by jamesbarnes107th
Deserve Betterby jamesbarnes107th
Caroline Eliza Baker was from Amity. She was from the peaceful faction. She had never been happy there. She was not all smiles and rainbows. The joy had been sucked out...
Soldier  by kmatt1027
Soldier by kmatt1027
**Inspired by the Divergent series** **I do not claim the rights to the original story or characters, only the changes I have made and characters I created** Octav...
Damaged by ChemicalX101
Damagedby ChemicalX101
Another Oc x Eric fanfic Mature 🔞 Xxx "Why didn't you tell me?" He asked, both arms pinned besides my head trapping me. I looked into his grey eyes trying t...
Amicable ➵ Eric Coulter by PsychicLavender
Amicable ➵ Eric Coulterby 🔮 𝒮𝒶𝓂 ✨
"Come on softie!" Eric yelled in Aurora's face. Aurora and Jackson sparred on the mat, but Aurora wouldn't hit back. Her cheeks were red and her lip was spli...
Friends to Lovers by home-of-the-writer
Friends to Loversby home-of-the-writer
The day Eric changed faction to Dauntless, your whole world crashed. He left you, all alone, with no one but Him. It doesn't come as a suprise when you followed him when...
Like A Moth To A Flame || E. Coulter by spitsatan
Like A Moth To A Flame || E. Ryyann
"Her name is Seylan Reign" "She was the initiate with zero fears and survived a plunge into the chasm!" "They were never caught so we have...
The Coulter Baby by lovejaicourtney
The Coulter Babyby lovejaicourtney
Just a cute one shot of Eric as a new dad ♡ I needed something to start off my long line of fanfictions to post asap, hope you like it! Please comment I would love const...
Don't blame me by itsthismay
Don't blame meby May (;
4 years ago Four didn't just left his absuive father, he left his little sister. Now it's Daisys turn to choose which faction she is. She will receive new things. Friend...
Fluorescent | peter hayes x reader by mortua_poetarum
Fluorescent | peter hayes x readerby ninniachel
🍷:: peter hayes x reader. 🍷:: a divergent fanfiction. 🍷:: (y/n) Matthews, daughter of Jeanine Matthews, a traitor. Not only she'll have to survive in her new faction...
Dynasty [Eric Coulter] by pleuvoirx
Dynasty [Eric Coulter]by skyler—∗
•thought we built a dynasty forever couldn't break up• [Eric Coulter] [Divergent] [cover by: @-INFINITAES ] [started: february 2020] [completed: september 2021]
Eric Coulter ⋆ One Shots by thedauntlessinblack
Eric Coulter ⋆ One Shotsby 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐝𝐚𝐮𝐧𝐭𝐥𝐞𝐬𝐬 𝐢�...
one shots about the dauntless leader all can be found on my tumblr as well (@that1girloverthere) in a severely less edited form
King of Dauntless by dancingcece
King of Dauntlessby dancingcece
Amity a calm and friendly faction. dauntless the brave worriers. what happens when an amity girl was never fit for her faction. In her new life she will make the most of...
Divergent One Shots (Eric & Tris) by Osara-chan
Divergent One Shots (Eric & Tris)by Osara-chan
Bite sized random Divergent stories for your enjoyment involving Eric and Tris...
Made of Secrets {Sequel to "Made of Steel} (Divergent/Eric) by HiddenInTheStorm
Made of Secrets {Sequel to "Made ~Stormy~
{{Sequel to Made of Steel}} - Events slightly different from original 'Divergent' book
Enmeshment by Fasyarawr
Enmeshmentby Fasya Pradipta
Roxy, a new transfer from Abnegation caught Eric's attention. Opposite attracts. They needed one another though he became too protective over her. Not knowing about her...
Forever Rosemary ➳ eric coulter.  by _spacewitch666
Forever Rosemary ➳ eric coulter. by _spacewitch666
Rosemary is finally a Dauntless leader, will she be able to handle the pressure? ➳ An Eric Coulter love story.
Divergent Preferences/Headcanons/Imagines/Etc by juicehoee
Divergent Preferences/Headcanons/ juicehoee
I'm posting the Divergent requests I get on here and on tumblr! My tumblr is solariswrites so feel free to request imagines, preferences, head canons, anything on here o...