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The Book of One Shots  by rosesarered6969
The Book of One Shots by rosesarered6969
If you're horny Let's read it Read it My story
My Step Sister And I: Pregnant For Me by feargodprince
My Step Sister And I: Pregnant feargodprince
She's seductive and irresistible. A pretty angel, well endowed with amazing shape. She has all it takes to keep a man under her control. She's super sexy and she knows h...
A Baby For The Beast by Kylie_got_issues
A Baby For The Beastby R.A Higheels
Every 200 years, a virgin is sacrificed to a powerful beast, for breeding. In the previous years passed, no offspring has been produced. It is known that only the mate t...
Howling For Red by ZoeyTraver
Howling For Redby Author Zoey
Red is on her usual walk through the woods. Except this time shes looking forward to an erotic night with her savior and lover, the woodcutter. But something stops her i...
Kidnapped By My Childhood Friend by bakonchopsticks
Kidnapped By My Childhood Friendby bakonchopsticks
She was only planning on stopping by to take back something stolen from her. That was the biggest mistake of her entire life. *This story will mess you up. It's disgust...
The Chase by Always-A-Sinner
The Chaseby Always-A-Sinner
A short Red and the Wolf story
peeping david by dallsowdstorys
peeping davidby Dallas Smith
catching the neighbour perving on me
Cult Girl by kookiexkreme
Cult Girlby Death Kookie
A girl wants to escape her stepfather's cult, and she will do anything to accomplish that goal. (18+) - First Draft
A walk in the park by Coput001
A walk in the parkby Tom
A little public walk after watching a film...
It's Just a Room by BellaBellua
It's Just a Roomby Bella Bellua
Struggling to pay bills during the quarantine, a young couple rents out a room to an attractive stranger. As fetishes are brought to light, the three enter into an agree...
The Night by Jesano87
The Nightby Jesano87
*Trigger warning* CNC is a legitimate kink that does mimic rape. The story is a consensual story not one of legitimate rape.
One night. Two best friends.  by AnonQ123
One night. Two best friends. by AnonQ123
One night. Two best friends. #GxG #Smut #ShortStory
Eros: Barcelona by ElliotGhastly
Eros: Barcelonaby Elliot Ghastly
A man on a business trip is enthralled by a girl who is on a romantic voyage with her boyfriend. Their plane makes an emergency landing in Barcelona. Is it yet another a...
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Short Erotic Stories  by magicschoolbusdropou
Short Erotic Stories by Secret account lmao
I'm not the best, but I'm trying If you make a request please be detailed
 mirror image by Outdoor_lover
mirror imageby Outdoor_lover
Ginny finds herself watching her parents going at it