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I'm no Hero [Yandere!Harem x O.P!Ronin!Tatsumi] by RedNightRaider
I'm no Hero [Yandere!Harem x O.P! RedNightRaider
Tatsumi has lost everything. His parents his village his friend's and much much more. after joining a clan of samurai he is eventually disgraced and take's the path of a...
Masochist Male Reader x Esdeath by LittleAlexander_
Masochist Male Reader x Esdeathby LittleAlexander
I got this idea from a onshot and decided to put my own spin on it, enjoy this story from a masochistic perspective.
The Strongest Mother by yandereluver849
The Strongest Motherby Yandereluver
Where Naruto is adopted by Esdeath I'll probably be adding a lot of smut so there's your warning
The Dragon In Black( OP Male reader x High School DxD) by Baryan_KuramaSeal
The Dragon In Black( OP Male Shinobi Of Wattpad
Angels, Devils, and Fallen Angels have been enemies for years. But there were two who loved each other deeply, a Devil King and a powerful angel. Going against their rac...
Overlord: Reborn as an NPC by Delusion10
Overlord: Reborn as an NPCby Delusion10
(A/N: The story was inspired by "Yellowness" on by MidasMan. While the first 6 chapters are pretty much copy/paste and not something I'm not pro...
Protective Reader X Esdeath by AraAraRias
Protective Reader X Esdeathby AraAraRias
You are Esdeaths boyfriend and very protective. You aren't human you are a demon and when someone hurts her or pisses you off then your hair start to flash white and you...
Six Paths of Reincarnation by ItsJustThatSimpler
Six Paths of Reincarnationby FanficFreak
As vermin are drawn to rotting corpses, so are power-hungry men drawn to weak rulers; moreover, its restless people. The greedy/corrupt humans clung desperately to the q...
Akame ga kill akame x zed (Discontinued) by hellhound2356
Akame ga kill akame x zed ( hellhound2356
Akame ga kill x Zed from league of legends. Zed is also replacing tatsumi sorry tatsumi esdeath fans. I'll explain his character in bio.
Esdeath x Male Reader - The Right Path by TheNinjaAtWar
Esdeath x Male Reader - The TheNinjaAtWar
After battling in Esdeath's special tournament, you're now an official member of the Jaegers. Things go well until you were told the truth about the Capital and it's gov...
I've had enough of you all! by DecayingKing
I've had enough of you all!by Hello there
Making an attempt at a union academy story. everyone I go I see it so why not make one myself. This story is about our protagonist and the harsh life he lives in as a po...
Akame ga Kill! - Devilborn [Mine x Tatsumi x Akame] by RedNightRaider
Akame ga Kill! - Devilborn [Mine RedNightRaider
As the only child of the legendary devil hunter Dante, Tatsumi was taught how to slay the demon's that Dante had slan so long ago. Once Tatsumi and his closest friend's...
 Akame Ga Kill ( The World Between Worlds) by theillusiveman6
Akame Ga Kill ( The World the illusive man
How far will one person go to protect what is precious to them how far will one person go to bring back one they have lost? Will that person sacrifice the very thing tha...
The Ghost of Akame ga kill by jasonmakoni54321
The Ghost of Akame ga killby Jason Makoni
Madara and Izuna are reincarnated in Akame ga kill world. What journey awaits the two Uchiha brothers?
JACE (FE3HXRWBY remake) by Joshuasteam43
JACE (FE3HXRWBY remake)by Josh Ewen
remade story of the FE3HXRWBY story. an Elite Team of warriors join forces with Ruby Rose and her friends. this Team is lead by Joshua Branwen-Krennic (default) or (Y/N)...
Futa Esdeath X Night Rade by Jalter_Feels
Futa Esdeath X Night Radeby Jalter_Feels
Esdeath doing members of Night rade first story so don't be to hard on me credit for characters goes to Takahiro
A Saiyan in the Empire by JaeZInsane
A Saiyan in the Empireby Jay Jay
I'm bringing back A Saiyan along Assassins. This is the reboot.
Akame Ga Kill: She Can Tame The Dragon by Zillaworld
Akame Ga Kill: She Can Tame The ZillaWorld
I do not own Akame Ga Kill or any of the characters. Akame x Futa Dragon Hybrid oc
Evil Rising: DxD by starzcycle
Evil Rising: DxDby starzcycle
Highschool DxD: Male Reader Obviously I don't own any of the artwork used. All rights go to their respective creators
Playtime (Yandere Esdeath x Reader) by pixiebrains
Playtime (Yandere Esdeath x Reader)by pixie
I know you haven't had the greatest life, Y/N, but I can give you anything you desire. You can't run, you are MY toy, and it's playtime. Characters from Akame Ga Kill SP...
Imperial Academy by Jaden52001
Imperial Academyby Jaden52001
Two transfer students make their way to a well known school for their secondary learning. How will the two survive this adventure to come? With hidden secrets, romance a...