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BELLADONNA by Kuurechr
What could a person want more than a sweet yet poisonous love? ベラドンナのようでした.
i love you by kerosenebunni
i love youby moved
bakugou katsuki x reader {finished but still posting extras !!} "do you always kiss the people you hate?" "no, just you." "oh wonderful."...
Nekoma's Baby Setter by CuteDemonSan
Nekoma's Baby Setterby Kryslynn Johnson
Pictures of Tobio that was added to a group chat with everyone at the training camp, Nekoma sees them, and they team up and protect Tobio Ship: Kuroo x Tobio x Kenma
Even Then - Merthur Fanfiction - A/B/O, Mpreg.... Complete! by LilyLaverick_Fanfics
Even Then - Merthur Fanfiction - Lily Laverick
The day Arthur's worst nightmare became a reality was the day Gwen burst into his chamber out of breath, tears down her face. Then she tells him Merlin has been sent to...
stay ➵ OSCAR DIAZ [1] by ihatemars
stay ➵ OSCAR DIAZ [1]by 🖤
they've known each other for ten years, been trying to make it work for six. everyone in freeridge knows she's his. she's been with him through a lot, seen a lot with...
SALVATORE || Sano Manjiro X Fem! Reader by sm_jiro
SALVATORE || Sano Manjiro X Fem! sm_jiro
"I'm not doing this because I'm a good person, I'm doing this because I'm selfish." Pictures shown are not mine (unless stated) and belong to their rightfull o...
Double Black by xxalwayssofia
Double Blackby sofia
Soukoku oneshots because I'm in love with them. Posted on AO3 in a series named 'Double Black',, by the account: xxalwayssofia Join the discord server: https://discord...
They don't know (I've waited all my life) by sapphicslvr
They don't know (I've waited all zay
Maya Bishop remembers being iced out by her team, she remembers being on the verge of breaking down every shift as the new captain of 19, and she most definitely remembe...
Secrets since 2000 | Cillian Murphy by Gg_Sally12
Secrets since 2000 | Cillian Murphyby IloveCillianMurphy
Behind the closed doors of Murphy family Social Media au
Hello Valentine! || {Chanlix} ✓ by Smoll_Fefe
Hello Valentine! || {Chanlix} ✓by Lilac is indefinitely on hiat...
In which Jisung is fed up with Felix's complaints about being single so he gets him a valentine-over-text.
Carrying a Villain's kid (Arc I) by nodanova15
Carrying a Villain's kid (Arc I)by 🌸 Nova 🌸
Omegaverse Dabihawks [UNDER EDITING] "What's the first thing I told you not to do?" "Get pregnant by a villain" "And what the fuck did you go an...
AWESTRUCK || Camilo Madrigal X Fem! Reader (DISCONTINUED) by sm_jiro
AWESTRUCK || Camilo Madrigal X sm_jiro
In which, shapeshifter Camilo Madrigal tries to hide his relationship with his Novia from his Familia. Camilo Madrigal X Fem! Reader Pictures shown are not mine (unless...
happier than ever | matt sturniolo ✓ by strniololovr
happier than ever | matt salem
' when i'm away from you, i'm happier than ever. ' ( matthew sturniolo x oc )
MatchaBlossom Scenarios & One Shots by AnukuLee
MatchaBlossom Scenarios & One Shotsby Rea
For those who don't know who MatchaBlossom. They are Kaoru and Joe from Sk8 the Infinity. Two people I happen to ship and remind me of a married couple. This is why this...
dnf fluff by tellyouily
dnf fluffby ʚ fern ɞ
"well, we've talked about whether..." - ❀ - dnf but they cuddle and are boyfriends
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Formidable by chambreduloup
Formidableby chambreduloup🧚‍♀️
Harry and Draco share a secret bond, unknown to everyone, including themselves. It only makes itself present when Harry gets Draco pregnant and they become closer than e...
[Kamo Noritoshi x OC] "I may seem like a clear glass bead, but I won't break that easily. I love you, only you, it won't change. I'll shine on you forever." GL...
Yoonkook✔️🔞 by Mai_Spring
Yoonkook✔️🔞by Mai
Jungkook gets needy for his hyung. - T: Jungkook B: Yoongi 1-11-20
It's Valentine's Day, Spider-Hubby! [Spideypool] by Xx_drarry_rebelle_xX
It's Valentine's Day, angel janeé luci
Valentine's week with Spideypool and the Avengers. Spiderman thinks it's about time the team finds out about his husband. If only so they'll finally learn to take his ro...
Eyes of the Divine  (Yandere!Eyeless Jack X GN!Reader) by jarofrottenapples
Eyes of the Divine (Yandere! Kay
As a child, you were unwillingly exposed to the secret your world disguised as fiction. You came face to face with Slenderman-an entity known for making children and adu...