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Chase x Skye (Christmas Special re-uploaded) by PawPatrol-PupsInHeat
Chase x Skye (Christmas Special re...by PawPatrol-PupsInHeat
For legal reasons any characters depicted in the story are 18+ and any animals are people wearing costumes I had a description here before just imagine there's a good o...
The German Shepherd and the Husky by Amazing-Writer
The German Shepherd and the Huskyby Eymyn
Chase has always had feelings for Skye. The day has arrived! Our brave Chase is going to tell Skye his feelings, but the coockapoo doesn't like him! He then fell into de...
Behind The Mask by Dablitfam23
Behind The Maskby Nothing
Family. Something that Chase doesn't know about. Living a life where his parents were physically and mentally abusive. Covering up the past was hard enough, but the wors...
Paw Patrol Odyssey 2 by CactusCougar
Paw Patrol Odyssey 2by CactusCougar
A second collection of Paw Patrol stories that some wish could be on the show. Some stories are connected while others go down different paths.
From underdogs to top dogs by PawPerson101
From underdogs to top dogsby PawPerson101
The paw Patrol reimagined as humans in high school. Each one facing their own emotional and physical problems not to mention the bullies. By meeting and befriending each...
PAW Patrol: Marshall Gone Missing. by Andymy1gamer
PAW Patrol: Marshall Gone Missing.by Andrew Gamer GL
Based on the Fanfiction written by HavocHound. After the Pups insulted their Dalmatian Friend, Marshall decides to run away and head over to Jake's Mountain, Hoping Ever...
Truth or dare Paw Patrol version by Amazing-Writer
Truth or dare Paw Patrol versionby Eymyn
The pups of The PAW Patrol are bored. So, they play Truth or Dare. -Rules: ●You have to give a truth or dare in the last chapter. ●Nothing dirty. There's a special book...
Paw Patrol Oneshots by Eau_de_Glace
Paw Patrol Oneshotsby Glace
A bunch of oneshots featuring the Paw Patrol gang. Disclaimer: I do not own Paw Patrol.
Vigilante PAW by BlazingPAW
Vigilante PAWby Blaze
What does it mean to be a hero? Marshall, Adventure Bay's goofy, cheerful, and clumsy firefighter Dalmatian, is beloved by the citizens of the town as a staple of the P...
PAW Patrol: Chase and Skye's Love Story. by Andymy1gamer
PAW Patrol: Chase and Skye's Love...by Andrew Gamer GL
Guranteed to be one of the best Skase Fanfics ever. Cover made by: @GDTrey. Chase and Skye have always had a Crush on each other, and have always had feelings for each o...
Paw Patrol Ships by CactusCougar
Paw Patrol Shipsby CactusCougar
My first collection of Paw Patrol ships (such as romance, friendship, & rivalry) involving characters from the show along with my own characters.
Paw Patrol Ships 2 by CactusCougar
Paw Patrol Ships 2by CactusCougar
My second collection of Paw Patrol ships (such as romance, friendship, & rivalry) involving characters from the show along with my own characters.
It Was An Accident by Katcete
It Was An Accidentby pinkss
It was supposed to be a normal day. Just 2 pups having fun with each other. An innocent game turned into an intense competitive match. One takes it too far. So many thou...
Different Horizons-A Paw Patrol Story by ThreadyRumble
Different Horizons-A Paw Patrol St...by ThreadyRumble
Ryder and the Mighty Pups successfully foil another plan by the Copycat and Harold Humdinger. But when Ryder's newest invention, a teleportation machine, is stolen and t...
Marshall and Chase: On the Skase! by BlazingPAW
Marshall and Chase: On the Skase!by Blaze
Would it be better to regret a decision or to regret the lack of one? When disaster hits the normally peaceful state of the PAW Patrol in the form of one of the beloved...
Pups Save Chase-A Paw Patrol Story by ThreadyRumble
Pups Save Chase-A Paw Patrol Storyby ThreadyRumble
If you have watched the show, you might know about the episode called "Pups Save Skye." This is a story that is somewhat like that episode but instead of Skye...
Warm Blooded Love-A Chase X Skye Fanfiction by CHASEBOII69
Warm Blooded Love-A Chase X Skye F...by mildly dead on the inside
AGAIN:NOT FOR CHILDREN BELOW 13 YEARS OF AGE. I GUESS Ayyy. my 6th Fucking Story. if you didn't see the 22nd chapter of my PAW Patrol Truth or Dare, Skye Dared me to Wri...
Paw Patrol: Marshall's Experience Life by RanmaruSparky
Paw Patrol: Marshall's Experience...by M.Ripandi Sparky
This is the story of Marshall With his Girlfriend (Everest) Day Life. Not them two, another pups experience is have in this story...
Paw Patrol:Love is Complicated by hdbsjshdbshsbsb
Paw Patrol:Love is Complicatedby LoveMakingMoney
Love is always hard in many ways shape and form.Its no diffrent in this story where our brave pups Chase and Marshall fight tough battles to get to pups they've loved fo...
PAW Patrol: Incubus by watership02
PAW Patrol: Incubusby The Headmaster
Years after a tragic accident shook their lives, Chase, Marshall, and Rocky join the Assault and Containment Guild, rising through the ranks as soldiers to confront thei...