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The Exiled Alpha | ✓ by Silverless
The Exiled Alpha | ✓by Silverless
"It's like he's a different breed of werewolf. Something... beyond us." • • • Adrienne Gage has spent her entire life being shunned and punished for her mouthy...
Warriors - A Small Spark by FyreChild
Warriors - A Small Sparkby Fyre Child
Injustice and tyranny consume the clan, and one cat is cast out, wrongly accused. unknowingly, they will extinguish a spark, only to be met with a storm.
Hard Times But We Stick Together by imhere122
Hard Times But We Stick Togetherby Alex 538
Gyutaro was always alone and had no one in his life until one day someone came and stand up for him. This boy was the first person that showed him kindness and love and...
Battousai by Shi_Kira
Battousaiby Shi_Kira
Exiled for defending himself Naruto makes a name of himself that brings fear to all. Even Akatsuki. He returns to his birth village to see if they are truly worthy to pr...
naruto the golden fox demon by justingame44
naruto the golden fox demonby Justin game 44
Naruto was banished/exiled for failing to bring back Sasuke to the village, but then he was soon captured by the Akatsuki, in order to save his life he made a deal with...
Recipe For Pain! (nephew of Sanji One Piece X RWBY) by TheGDFProject
Recipe For Pain! (nephew of Sanji...by TheGDFProject
Kicked out of his team and exiled form his family after Cardin exposed his transcripts, Jaune removes the mask he was forced to wear by his father and will show everyone...
Tommyinnit exiled au  by DjfoxE
Tommyinnit exiled au by DjfoxE
It was nighttime and raining and Tommy been going through hell as he's been manipulated by dream and depressed in exile and betrayed by his best friend he couldn't take...
Theseus Revenge (REWRITING)  by Ann_Luciana_
Theseus Revenge (REWRITING) by Ann_Theseus_
https://twitter.com/Diamondrosy_7?s=08 Art Cover credit: @/Diamondrosy_ " Tommy, wait! " Techno try to reach him out. " No! There's no reason for me to l...
TOMMYINNIT||One moment leads to another.|| by tesbug
TOMMYINNIT||One moment leads to an...by •tes•
Tommy had once lived a peaceful life in Lmanburg. He had finally felt at peace with himself, and where he was at in his life. He would hangout with his bestfriend Tubbo...
The True Lovers by foxya_enderhappysad
The True Loversby foxya_enderhappysad
the true lover my au Molly is a god and tommyinnit is in exiled What if god!molly who revived tommy not dream What happens if they fell in love with each other [ molly g...
From Exile to Hero [English version] by LegendarySaiyan9576
From Exile to Hero [English versio...by Gigachad Broly Fanfics
Broly, the legendary super saiyan lived in exile without ever knowing that he was the legendary super saiyan, now he will be in a world where power and glory are necessa...
Su!c!d@l (dream smp)  by w__ifeHaver
Su!c!d@l (dream smp) by Simppathy
Lol theese chapters are now random and just takes place in things(spoilers for dream smp and predictions) Tommy has been betrayed by everybody the only people who have b...
Yea we're outcasts so what!!!! by Hirolegend34
Yea we're outcasts so what!!!!by Hiro The Legend
Four students who were exiled from Union because they were seen as useless they were kidnapped and experimented on for a project known as Project Dividers which created...
Exiled  by bibliophilezzz
Exiled by soyouthinkimSKINNY
Kiana lost herself after her parents were murdered, her pack avoided her, she hardly ate, and shifting was in the past. So when an accident occurred in her pack, forcin...
Fresh Start by Shipper_Fandom101
Fresh Startby Shipper_Fandoms101
This is a TommyInnit story About the exile and after plz don't hate and hope you enjoy No shipping Just angst Set in the Dsmp but it's an irl/minecraft sort of thing...
Heero Yuy the winged one by I-Love-SABER
Heero Yuy the winged oneby I love ARCHER
Our protagonist doesn't remember his old name and death but he really love the Wing Gundam but all he remember on the day that he was watching A new Code Geass movie cal...
You are my only friend  by AddisonTFDQ
You are my only friend by Addison Mendez
Tommy is exiled and Dream was the only one that visits him. But one day, Dream suddenly became somehow shy to Tommy. While Dream is slowly having a crush on Tommy, Tommy...
Believe Me! [REMAKE] by Yzunan_Caleist744
Believe Me! [REMAKE]by Yzunana744
Zayd, Lennox and Larissa was the children of Harlow Henituse. Unfortunately he died from a carriage accident along with his wife. Deruth took them in, and now they're ap...
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Kings and Thieves by AliceW12346
Kings and Thievesby Alice Wonderland
Highest Rank:#24 in Fantasy ================================================================= Ever since she was younger she's been on her own. She steals, figh...
They both need a good sleep. by Cyko_Kyo
They both need a good sleep.by P o g
Tommy was running low on food under Technoblade's house. He needed to get some, but Techno caught him I'm very bad at summaries lol Cover: https://www.picuki.com/media/2...