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The Maid by partygirls45
The Maidby Kirishima_Fangirl
J is a psychotic serial killer who wears a maid dress. The creepypastas kidnap her and force her to work for them.
 Fear- (tim wright) masky x reader  by ibrokemyassatwalmart
Fear- (tim wright) masky x reader by ...
A creepypasta ff..kinda Sometimes, I get so lost in my fantasies that I forget what is real...
Creepypasta x reader by RainbowCheeseCake155
Creepypasta x readerby RainbowCheeseCake155
What will happened when Eponine's life is falling apart when meeting a trouble boy that doesn't feel any pain. Is she going to meet other people with a bad background...
Creepypasta Rp (OPEN) by Rxs3p3t4ls
Creepypasta Rp (OPEN)by Rxs3p3t4ls
I will rp these characters as best as I can, plz tell me if I mess up so I can improve on rp as them. PLEASE NOTE: This book is merely for fun and creativity purposes! T...
Eyeless Jack x Reader/Bloody Romance🖤💙 by Danny_6910
Eyeless Jack x Reader/Bloody Roman...by Danny_08
Y/n was always considered different too everyone except their Nanna who dies unfortunately. However, Y/n meets the creepypasta's who are similar too them and is welcomed...
Creepypasta x 3 Fem OC Readers by sarahthekiller100
Creepypasta x 3 Fem OC Readersby ShadowWolf
This is going to be another Creepypasta Fanfic based of my IRL friends. I hope you enjoy my new story!
A Creepypasta x Reader but I'm Bored and Biased by 2teaspoons_of_coffee
A Creepypasta x Reader but I'm Bor...by 2teaspoons_of_coffee
Just like the title says, I'm bored and biased so sucks for you Jeff the Killer fans because i hate that guy (/hj) I plan to keep the reader gender neural but it might e...
Mixed Signals by gayboi743
Mixed Signalsby Homo_Insomniac
It's not a sweet fic... :) Toby x Male Reader TW: toxic relationship, panic attacks, and more
-Danger in their eyes- (Creepypasta FF)- by -Shy-Moon-
-Danger in their eyes- (Creepypast...by -Shy-Moon-
Victoria „Vanish" Nixss. That was her name. But it was just a name. A name alone can do nothing. But the person belonging to the name could. She was supposed to...
The Mute (eyeless jack x reader) by cp_fanfics
The Mute (eyeless jack x reader)by cp_fanfics
this is an unexpected story so whatever happens in it, happens. I made the cover of this book too btw
Creepypasta Gay And Lesbian Oneshots by Nox_DarkStar
Creepypasta Gay And Lesbian Onesho...by CursedNox
The title practically explains itself CURRENTLY UNDER REVISIONS AND EDITING I will allow requests of ships and scenarios so please leave some in the comments. I will als...
Don't Worry (creepypasta x ftm reader) by Arson12321
Don't Worry (creepypasta x ftm rea...by 𝐴 𝑟 𝑠 𝑜 𝑛♡♡
You have been in a mental hospital for quite some time. The days have been blurs at this point, time seems irrelevant. You don't know when you're going to get out, or ev...
》STORY COVER BY EMZOMBIE.EXE ON INSTAGRAM!《 This is exactly what the title says >:D Also I tried to make my hcs a bit different from everyone else's but I don't know...
9 LIVES {Creepypasta x Reader} by X--J--V
9 LIVES {Creepypasta x Reader}by XJV
Hello, my name is Y/N L/N! I'm 16 years old and live in Waukesha, Wisconsin, United States. Yes, the place where the Slenderman Stabbing occured. I knew those girls, not...
☆Get scared, I have eyes set to kill☆ ★Creepypasta x Reader one shots★ by riotryderriot
☆Get scared, I have eyes set to ki...by ryderrodetheriot
Indulge in X reader scenario's of your favourite Creepypastas some may be platonic others may be romantic! depends. reader will be referred to as; They, Them, You, _____...
A life with a gamer as a lover  by potatepotato
A life with a gamer as a lover by potatepotato
This is a Ben x Jeff story so if you don't ship it then that's fine don't read this story but this story is also how Ben got stuck in a tv and how he recovered. Read to...
Creepypasta NSFW'S by PaytonRichardson1
Creepypasta NSFW'Sby Maxx_luvz_u
I honestly don't care how old you are read this or not but it's NSFW. Enjoy my dude
Life Ain't Fair by Spencer_Saberhagen
Life Ain't Fairby Spencer
This is NOT a cp x reader. It's more like a what would happen if the author got dragged into the creepypasta universe. You can read it or not, waste of time if you ask m...
Creepypasta stories (lemon,romantic, drama etc.) by FNaFandDsmpStorys
Creepypasta stories (lemon,romanti...by Creepypasta stories ♡
Heyy I want to write creepypasta stories and lemons romantic and other things.