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Molten Freddy x Reader (TheFamousFilms)(COMPLETE) by AG_DontKnow
Molten Freddy x Reader (TheFamousF...by AG_DontKnow
This is about You meeting your best friend, Bryan. To his pizzaria! you met one of his fellow nice friends expect the bear with wires or rip apart. Bryan told you hes a...
Molten's Depression by NightMare_By_Design
Molten's Depressionby life is a mystery
This Is MY FIRST Story And it is my Version of the Famous Films MEH Ships and a few of my O.C. Pls don't hate me Warning Cursing,cutting,suicide attempts And... Idk Jus...
TheFamousBabysiter by coolcat27gaming
TheFamousBabysiterby coolcat27 gaming
After a little girl named Ali gets abandoned at Thefamousfilms pizzeria Bryan and the anamontronics decide to keep her since she is only five years old.
Portal Magic- (Bryan x Molten Freddy)fanfic by Iamamemereader
Portal Magic- (Bryan x Molten Fred...by Iamamemereader
With the tension of finding Molten freddy, Bryan is finding it hard to not feel threatened by this new animatronic. Though despite this there is one green frog animatron...
origins of Olympus by Aphmaufanilov
origins of Olympusby Aphmaufanilov
in camp oasis the group of Ponsa's is growing, and new people crash from the sky, and bring dangerous creatures, what will happen when all the powers of the gods are att...
Origins of Olympus Reaction. by OmniverseOrigins
Origins of Olympus Reaction.by Omniverse Origins
This is my first ever story. Many of the residents are transported to a theater to watch the past and future. Will they be able to change what is to come? Takes place af...
Origins oneshots and more by Nightskyartz
Origins oneshots and moreby Nightskyartz .
Just a bunch of one shots from a bunch of different Minecraft Role-plays such as Fairy Tail Origins. Pictures or characters are not mine unless said so. Cover art belong...
BRYPU   by Theskydoge
BRYPU by Theskydoge
I miss this ship so much 😍 anyway Art isn't mine but hope you enjoy it 😜 #1 Brypu (• ▽ •;)
Multiverse Madness: A FamousFilms Fanfiction by 2kae217
Multiverse Madness: A FamousFilms...by 2kae217
Bryan has messed with the portal, but this time, it wasn't himself that came in, but someone...or something....else that came out. Read to find out!
The Second Chance (Molten Freddy X Lefty) by NovaTheSquirrel
The Second Chance (Molten Freddy X...by NovaTheSquirrel
This is the story of how Molten came back and fell in love with his friend Lefty. He doesn't how to tell Lefty and doesn't know if he feels the same, but little does he...
Trying to hide secrets by Yetmom
Trying to hide secretsby Sky the yet cat
*before you read this im bad a spelling and i have bad story telling moving on* Bryan the narcissistic brat molten and springtrap are after.....all people and robots see...
That little Mermaid {{DISCONTINUED}} by xXxBumblexBeexXx
That little Mermaid {{DISCONTINUED...by Doodle woodle
I'll explain more in first chapter. Mermaid/merman's: •Michael •Jakey •Mario Humans: •Ritchie •Brian •David •Inmo
Molten's Healing by NightMare_By_Design
Molten's Healingby life is a mystery
This is a story when Molten comes back from the dead and wants to be a good guy Warnings Swearing or Cursing Cutting Idiots I dont own the famous films or Fnaf 6
thunder boy ( minecraft origins of olympus roleplay x demigod male reader) by steven326977
thunder boy ( minecraft origins of...by steven326977
being the son of Raijin, god of lightning, thunder and storms, can be weird. ever since youth y/n was thought to be a warrior and be the strongest demigod ever to the po...
wisdom from the moon ( demigod reader x minecraft orgins of Olympus roleplay ) by steven326977
wisdom from the moon ( demigod rea...by steven326977
being the son of thoth is quite interesting. you get to learn everything, and read as many books as you please. you were studying until the son of horus decided to pay a...
fnaf Pat x fem reader by JoyMcD
fnaf Pat x fem readerby Joy McD
after Bryan's death his 21 year old baby sister throws herself in her work (as John's secretary) and school. but what happens when shes forced to tutor a boy in her majo...
my happiest day ( male reader x fnaf famousfilms ) by steven326977
my happiest day ( male reader x fn...by steven326977
waddup, so I don't see that many reader in fnaf famousfilms so imma make one
Fairytale origins dragons pack (On Hold) by JoyMcD
Fairytale origins dragons pack (On...by Joy McD
what happens when the dragon pack members find a girl about 19 injured in the woods. I did rewrite the story for season 5 skip to the part called chapter 1 This book is...
a spooky suprise ( dreadbear reader x famousfilms minecraft fnaf roleplay) by steven326977
a spooky suprise ( dreadbear reade...by steven326977
bryan is already having a bad time with the twisted ones and now another one joins the party. you, dreadbear.