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Vincent (Purple Guy) x Young!Reader by waterbaloon23
Vincent (Purple Guy) x Young!Readerby waterbaloon23
Warning! There is a slight description of rape in this story. I will put warnings before and after those parts so don't say I didn't warn you. y/n= your name, m/n= middl...
Five Nights With Me (FNAF) by urcasualgay
Five Nights With Me (FNAF)by (Taylor's Version)
***disclaimer: I did not write any of this story my friend did, but he doesn't have watt pad***
MY DRAWINGS by gorlaz
MY DRAWINGSby gorlaz
this is some drawing I did so i'm going to show y'all them. There is some five nights at Freddy's, warrior cats, and other stuff hope you like it
Kind Fanaf Rants by 2cutecat
Kind Fanaf Rantsby scourage
Why is mangle a character? This and many other things are asked
Human Bonnie x reader (lemon ._.) by mikaackermanOFFICEAL
Human Bonnie x reader (lemon ._.)by mikaackermanOFFICEAL
This is about (F/N) she meets Bonnie and the others but she will also have some hard times but Bonnie's is always their to help as a friend......but will he only be a fr...
My Fnaf OCs And Related Stuff by SeikoKishinuma15
My Fnaf OCs And Related Stuffby SexyEzekielTDI
These are my Five Nights at Freddy's OCs and stuff I wrote about them. The drawings above each profile were drawn by me using a mechanical pencil and a notebook.
Fanaf unborn by Kitty_Cat_Lover_12
Fanaf unbornby Kitty
this is a Aphmau story just so you know
The betrayal  by SheilaSantiago034
The betrayal by alykitty005
Chica cheats on Bonnie with foxy the only way to find out more is to read it
Hi I'm y/n (human foxy x reader) by heyHowYOU
Hi I'm y/n (human foxy x reader)by Foxyfireeee
Hi I'm y/n... DONT TOUCH HER promise Foxy x reader Fanaf ❤️
Trapped. by depressioncheck0
#11 Lucurin
When a 18 year old gamer gets a game for her followers something goes terribly wrong, and she ends up in a nightmare she wish she didnt have to go through. Join Carson t...
Book Ideas by MewChanXD
Book Ideasby MewChanXD
This is where I will put all the books I plan on writing . This will let you guys know what I plan and let me know which you like to see.
FANAF FanFic by CrimsonaBlack
FANAF FanFicby Allen Walker
This is made by a friend of mine and she has been working on it since 6th grade/2 years
my songs by christineayres
my songsby Christine Ayres
wellp i deleted the other 1 on accedent feel free to use on youtube derp and I dont spell good leave suggestions down in the comments below buby
Security Guard's Companion by Alzalga
Security Guard's Companionby KyrstinDykes
Idk what to make this so- Made on Wattpad
The Secret Of the Puppet by Unicorn2z
The Secret Of the Puppetby Unicorn2z
THE FIRST ENTIREY FULLY MADE UNICORN2Z STORY ORIGINAL YAY!!!!!! Also this has a bit of Zanemau in it so don't get mad if u no like ship
The death trap  by AnimeTeaandhoney
The death trap by 🍿☕️AnimeTea☕️🍿
This is a FANAF story. Jenny a marvelous teenager who is on top of her game and the top of her school, she's talented and great at athletics otherwise known as perfect b...
cursed [Slow Updates] by itzmidnighteclipse
cursed [Slow Updates]by itzmidnighteclipse
Echo never thought that she was special even tho she was. In this world everyone was! But she never knew that special in a way . . .
The Secrets She Keeps by TasteTheRainBow2k16
The Secrets She Keepsby _Emmalynn_
Jessica Aphmau Lorde had many friends. But one birthday is very different. Credit goes to Aphmau and her characters Skydoesminecraft Ross Barney Max and I will be addi...