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Meghan and Kara by babychanged
Meghan and Karaby babychanged
9 year old Kara is tired of being harshly disciplined for her occasional wetting accidents but she has a new weapon to battle against those who would diaper her. She ha...
The Mighty Morg by knotanumber
The Mighty Morgby Knotanumber
When a knight-in-training sets out on a dragonquest to win the hand of a fair princess, he expects to return in time for a pavilion wedding in the fall. But after fifty...
Worth by SeventyMurphy
Worthby Stephanie Murphy
When an eccentric old neighbour dies and names Violet March in his will, she is even more surprised than his estranged and spoiled family. To make matters stranger, she...
Meet At Joe's by CFarley982
Meet At Joe'sby Charles Farley
A comedy of errors with unexpected twists, convoluted mysteries, and a touch of romance. This is the fourth book in the "Sharing Afflictions" Trilogy, and also...
When the Rutabagas Hit the Fan by TRobDude
When the Rutabagas Hit the Fanby Trent Robinson
How do you fix a school that's out of control? Easy - get superheroes. Too simple? Try teaching them. One Monday morning, John Parks starts a new job teaching high schoo...
Cops and Robbers by KeithBDarrell
Cops and Robbersby Keith B. Darrell
* A Quirky Crime Drama * A pair of FBI agents set up a bogus movie production as part of an unlikely sting operation to snare a mob kingpin. They buy the worst scrip...
The World's Worst Apocalyptic Romance by ThankfulPlanet75
The World's Worst Apocalyptic Roma...by ThankfulPlanet75
By Van Millvele aka ThankfulPlanet75 Delkcoda and her crush, Allen, are making their way through, and they will live their best lives if the robots, zombies, and tanks...
The Greatest Adventure by ChrisDunker9
The Greatest Adventureby Chris Dunker
Preview: Chapter 6- A comedic fantasy that traipses into the realm of parody and has depictions of mild violence. A simple journey involving a small group of adventurers...
Miss Scarlet, Mrs. Peacock, Professor Plum and the other colorful Clue characters come to life in a small town high school play. Alongside Igor, Frau Bleucher of 'Young...
A short story collection with active, three-act stories from a variety of genres, plus two bonus stories. Tagline: Reading. Why not do it for fun sometimes? There are pr...
We've Got A Drawbridge For A Reason by ariceauthor
We've Got A Drawbridge For A Reasonby Adam Rice
The fantasy saga you didn't know you needed, but now that you know... you need it BAD.
YA Value Menu by TarynPosthuma
YA Value Menuby TarynPosthuma
There is literature, and then there is what English teachers call "literary junk food." You know, those books that are cliche, possibly trashy, wholly unrealis...
Bowmen's Fillip: A Quandary by AAWinterson
Bowmen's Fillip: A Quandaryby A A Winterson
Bowmen's Fillip: A Quandary, or The Space Tender: A Story for the Perplexed. An adventure novel by someone, narrating a tale of buckled nears and buried olds.