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Kanato's Flatulent Fun by DiabolikFetishist
Kanato's Flatulent Funby Kanato Sakamaki
Kanato Sakamaki has invited Yui Komori to a tea party with him and Teddy. Will she be able to stand his disgusting farts? *All characters belong to Rejet
The Batman - Fart kink story by instanoodlesm3
The Batman - Fart kink storyby Buckyownsm3
Read the title... I was just horny. This is a oneshot btw
Loud Farts by YoshizillaFan
Loud Fartsby Yoshizilla-Fan
When you can't think of a less lazy title or a a relatively irregular plot. All the girls in the Loud House get farting problems...
Shinobu facesits Aoi  by kanaoAz123456
Shinobu facesits Aoi by facesitting
all characters are aged up To 20 have A nice day:)
My Wedgie Filled Life by kinklover69
My Wedgie Filled Lifeby kinklover69
I'm a 16 year old in high school and I get wedgies and spankings everyday from my family, friends, and even teachers.
Borutos gassy fun by nasmith69
Borutos gassy funby hillo99
Boruto has a lot of fun with his new friend I'm making a part 2 with naruto haha
Charlie's Pet by CatalinaHaven
Charlie's Petby CatalinaHaven
Charlie, the demon princess, travels to Earth in search of a human pet who may be able to help her with a bad case of gas. *fart fetish*
The color red by zachtheowl16
The color redby Zach the owl
Connor Kent and Dick Grayson have been dating for a year and suddenly Connor a.k.a. superboy comes into contact with red kryptonite. he makes him start to gain weight an...
Love Stinks! Seven Minutes in Heaven by DiabolikFetishist
Love Stinks! Seven Minutes in Heav...by Kanato Sakamaki
A Seven Minutes in Heaven story with eight gassy guys!
farting oneshots by nayalovefart
farting oneshotsby nayalovefart
some farting oneshots. girl oneshots only, I'm not that into boys farting.
Rugby boy domination  by slavefantasies
Rugby boy domination by slavefantasies
This story is based on one of my own fantasies. You get a job as the water boy for a rugby team, which is the same team as your 3 school crushes. You stare and them in t...
Anthony recker's fart slave by marveolic
Anthony recker's fart slaveby 𝘮𝘢𝘳𝘷𝘦𝘰𝘭𝘪𝘤
(WARNING) If you don't like fart fetish stories, gay smut, or just kinky shit overall don't read it. And don't complain abt in the comments, cuz I warned ya.
Fart torture by MehaTheGummyGirl
Fart tortureby 🥴
Heheh i updated 'My boy❤️' go read it if you like bdsm 😀
The Torturous Farting Lady by GreenieGreens
The Torturous Farting Ladyby SamSpratticus
Brittany, the Babysitter. The foulest bitch you could imagine, and you have to deal with her every time your overprotective parents leave the house (which is often). She...
Elsa farts in your face  by 173jf99ak29
Elsa farts in your face by 173jf99ak29
Elsa farts violently into your nostrils.
Kenny's Fart fetish  by sonicsstinkyfeet
Kenny's Fart fetish by sonicsstinkyfeet
Kenny has a secret. He has a fart fetish, but he's so scared that people are gonna judge him for it. Will cartman find out about it, and will they still be friends?