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Pride and Ashes: A werewolf Story by world_joy_
Pride and Ashes: A werewolf Storyby World Joy
Prince of Werewolf's, Alto August Nolan has been searching for his life mate for years, traveling all around the world. The 'Dark' prince soon gives up though when his s...
Just the 4 of us  by 3mmydee310
Just the 4 of us by Emmy
"What will I do with you." "I dunno- WHY ARE YOU TWO LAUGHING" -- Most characters are based off people Ik! Thanks too Leah for...
Book Two of the Mercury Series: Poisonous Mercury {A Harry Potter Fanfic} by jessssx3
Book Two of the Mercury Series: Po...by Jessica
Mercury Welds Potter Black has returned. This year will find her back at Hogwarts with more problems to sort out. Like being in the Triwizard Tournament, figuring out he...
Into My Slavery by birely
Into My Slaveryby birely
When a young girl gets taken from her pack, it's a matter of time before the worst happens. Fayette was a favorite among her pack. She was very compassionate, loved to h...
The Last of the Fae by Emilestie
The Last of the Faeby Emilestie
Years ago when the world was full of supernatural beings the humans become afraid of there magic and The Purge began. The Purge was created to destroy all supernatural b...