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Surviving As The Villain's Childhood Friend by AslanAgrigche
Surviving As The Villain's Childho...by Aslan Agriche
I was reincarnated in a novel where the villain would destroy the world, and I had to stop the horrible villain for my family. At the age of 11, I entered the villain's...
ဗီလိန်ဇာတ်ညွှန်းကိုဖြဲပစ်မယ် (MMtrans) by Sue-Xing-Nway
ဗီလိန်ဇာတ်ညွှန်းကိုဖြဲပစ်မယ် (MMtr...by IQ Team
Title - Little Little one tear the villain's script COO - ongoing Translators-IQ team Update - All credits go to the original author and E-translator .We just transla...
Since When Were You The Villain? by AslanAgrigche
Since When Were You The Villain?by Aslan Agriche
Alternative: 대체 언제부터 흑막이셨어요 Author: Ecriture,에크리튀르 Artist(s): Doomie,두미 She was possessed by a book without knowing what novel it was. Then, one day, her fiance appeare...
You've Got The Wrong House, Villain by lucyAgrawal
You've Got The Wrong House, Villainby lucyAgrawal
As if it wasn't enough for me to be reincarnated as a child in the slums, I was taken to a city of crime and became a test subject. But then, when I saw the man that cam...
KHAYR✅  by khayr_Souf
KHAYR✅ by ummulkhair Yusuf
PREVIEW ONLY, COPYRIGHT 2021. A choice between breaking from ancient chains and facing its wrath or staying a slave to society and bending to its words. Khayr has laid...
More Than A Malfoy; A Harry Potter Love Story by flower_at_dawn
More Than A Malfoy; A Harry Potter...by skylar
Being the almost unknown sister of the famous Slytherin prince and the Malfoy families only female heir comes at a cost But what happens when the griffendor princess and...
We are together by burnthestage856
We are togetherby yubi
"Yes she is not standing with us today.. but she was and she will be the 8th member of BTS..forever..because WE ARE TOGETHER.." Namjoon said with all other mem...
Poison  by normanrockwell1
Poison by normanrockwell1
A man has an affair with a woman she is gorgeous and irresistible but little does he know she is a stone cold killer after his wife finds out they split and he peruses t...
The Stitcher by beil_bell
The Stitcherby belibell
Melody was a normal teenage girl, helping out in the drama club with costumes and set peace's. But everything changes after an unexpected visitor
Journey of truth by NorfatmahCodarangan8
Journey of truthby N'fats Cod's
Aurika Kain Velior was a daughter of the Dark king from Einsben City, she was the princess who was born to be emotionless, and raised to be an enemy of all being the wor...
Red Strings: My Puppet by fantAsista001
Red Strings: My Puppetby F@ye
Disclaimer: Picture's are all found in google and has there respective artist. So all credits goes to them. Editted them on my own. *** These were his words... "I...
My Super Secret [WORKING ON IT, SLOWLY] by KurataStrikes
My Super Secret [WORKING ON IT, SL...by KurataStrikes
I've been reincarnated several times as the villain of the otome game, 'Our Fated Ending'. But I only remembered all my lives when I got reincarnated for the 20th time. ...
The Lost Queen  by Oyuku234
The Lost Queen by Aastha Pandey
A suspenseful story about a QUEEN who holds powers within herself no one in the world can imagine but she doesn't knows about it.
Crescent by nightoel
Crescentby night.owl
Humans and other supernatural species have been living together peacefully for millions of years now. The reason, an unwritten law- No species interferes with each other...
Reincarnated as Villainess.....ok by Elementgod
Reincarnated as Villainess.....okby Ice king
Yua normally works part time at a grocery store near her home. Getting prepared for a normal day to buy some groceries, she noticed something seemed strange on this peac...
✓Step In Dangerous Love (2) by MingzuMing
✓Step In Dangerous Love (2)by 𝑴 𝒊 𝒏 𝒈 𝒛 𝒖
201-366 Being renounced by her mother-in-law, having cheated by her husband. For 5 years, she thought she had a happy family, but in the end it was just a joke that even...