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The Venom of Izuku Yagi by DeadlokAU
The Venom of Izuku Yagiby Deadlock
Izuku Yagi, quirkless girl, twin to Izumi Yagi, daughter of All-might and Green-Psycic. Abused? Check, Neglected? Check, Assaulted? Check, Almost unbreakable will? Check...
Izuku's Hidden Quirk by thinks36
Izuku's Hidden Quirkby thinks36
After a day of training with All Might to receive All For One, Izuku is attacked by a villain. His quirk activates and he escapes but passes out in the middle of the roa...
Mrs.Bakugo~ by Honey_Girl10
Mrs.Bakugo~by 𝙼𝚊𝚍𝚎𝚕𝚒𝚗𝚎^
✔︎Completed! Bakudeku Fem!Izuku x Katsuki Quirkless Fem!Izumi x Pro Hero Katsuki Izumi Midoriya 20 years old and coming back home to Japan staying with her mother whil...
Support Course Fem Izuku by DepressedOnLife00
Support Course Fem Izukuby DepressedOnLife00
Okay so I never saw anyone write something like this story, so I said why don't I do the job, so here we are, also I suck at description don't mind me. what if, what i...
The Little Young Moon by DarkUnknownReader
The Little Young Moonby
1. I dont Own The Characters. 2. My first time writing 3. Dont like my story its your choice 4. And since its a fem Izuku story his name is Izuki If you don't understan...
The Last Phantomhive  by chu1luc
The Last Phantomhive by flufluv3421
What if Midoriya was not Hisashi's real last name and descended from the most feared and respected Earl of England? Izumi Midoriya was an average girl who would face dis...
The daughter of Erasurehead: Izumi Aizawa (REMAKE) by Hahahahano_202
The daughter of Erasurehead: Izumi...by Urmom_202
What if izuku was a girl? What if her name was Izumi? What if she was the daughter of Shouta Aizawa? What if she had two quirks? Well In this AU, inko and shouta went to...
Rise of a New Cardcaptor  by chu1luc
Rise of a New Cardcaptor by flufluv3421
The beginnings of a new Cardcaptor is about to begin! Izumi is determined to be a great hero with her Midori Cards and her friends by her side. But unknown to her, a ris...
The Duelist Heroine by chu1luc
The Duelist Heroineby flufluv3421
Izumi Midoriya was quirkless. A life shattering fact that can ruin anyone's hopes of being a hero in a world of quirks. Hiding from Katsuki, Izumi stumbles across a old...
My Beloved Villain || TomuFemDeku by nana_academia1002
My Beloved Villain || TomuFemDekuby ✧・゚Izuka*✧・゚*
[COMPLETE ✔] Tomura X Fem!Izuku [ FIRST TOMURA X FEM! IZUKU FANFIC ON WATTPAD ] ____________________ After Bakugou gets kidnapped by League of Villains, Midoriya,Todorok...
Lil'Killer Rabbit  by Lady_Night-Chan
Lil'Killer Rabbit by Night
Izumi Midoriya was a sweet and innocent girl that loved one thing above all. Villains. She loved them but told no one not even her best friend. She covered up her love f...
Is that really deku? by appropriatename
Is that really deku?by appropriatename
Deku got drugged at a cafe and is now a girl what will happen next, what will class 1-A think?
The Titan Of Dagobah Beach by Axiosriot
The Titan Of Dagobah Beachby jack dyer
Quirks come in all shapes and sizes, some are useful, some are useless, some are flashy while others are subtle and some are even seen as villainous or heroic. Yet there...
Izuku The Deadpool Hero by Xaylik
Izuku The Deadpool Heroby Xaylik
*FemDeku* Izuku got abused at home by her sister and father who is the number 1 hero All Might. Izuku's mom tried to keep Izuku happy, until Izuku and her mom got in a c...
VAMPIRE WITCH FEM IZUKUby Patrick thomas redwood
Same like the other one but she was the oldest creature because she was 240 years older than anyone and she knows all for one and she also the best friend of few succes...
Betrayed but found Trust and Love by DarkUnknownReader
Betrayed but found Trust and Loveby
1. i don't own any character 2. It is a fem deku au 3. Fem dekus name is Izuki Ruby have just finished a solo mission she have received along with getting a special mask...
The Angel of Shiketsu! (Fem Deku) by Ssgssv9
The Angel of Shiketsu! (Fem Deku)by DemonzAnglez
Izuku and Izumi Yagi have always wanted to be heroes. With them looking up to their mom (and secretly their dad) can you really blame them? Unfortunately Izuku wasn't gi...
Fem izuku x Enji by SavageOfTheOpera
Fem izuku x Enjiby Patrick thomas redwood
Rei died since shouto was 5 and half years cause her husband abused and after 2 and half since and Enji dating a 20 years teen its was Izuku Midoriya and she was sweet a...
Kacchan's Girlfriend (DISCONTINUED) by Septiplyierfangirl
Kacchan's Girlfriend (DISCONTINUED)by Septiplyierfangirl
Katsuki Bakugo. Star student at UA. Meet his girlfriend. Izuka Midoriya.
My Choice || DabiFemDeku by nana_academia1002
My Choice || DabiFemDekuby ✧・゚Izuka*✧・゚*
[COMPLETE✔] Dabi X Fem!Izuku ____________________ Midoriya and Todoroki had been dating for 3 months now. But one day,everything changed. Midoriya caught Todoroki having...