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His Wolf by The_Good_Reads_01
His Wolfby The_Good_Reads_01
Her whole life she has only been sure of one thing. She was a dog. A pet that was used at her handler wished. She has been trained to fight and kill. She has been traine...
Feral by anonymous_freak
Feralby anonymous_freak
DEFINITELY YOUR ATYPICAL STORY, JUST A HEADS UP -:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:- She was a goddess, they were her worhshipers, and they ruled the wood Her pack is feral, fera...
A Wolf's Call (complete) by syd_g_32
A Wolf's Call (complete)by Sydney
Run. Hunt. Howl. These are just a few things the wolves do. To wolves, one thing is important above all else. Survival. Growing up in a world where surviving is your...
The New World Order by KWhittaker2
The New World Orderby KWhittaker2
It is 2100 and the world is a different place as Tabatha navigates the wild, always on the run and avoiding Them. They took over the planet a little over two years ago...
Alpha Male (Boy x Boy) by 1Blossom
Alpha Male (Boy x Boy)by Shanadoa
For some wolves it is easy to find their other half. The other part of them that makes their life complete. But as for Josiph it is not. For years he has been searching...
The Omega's Alpha [   ] by Someonelseisme
The Omega's Alpha [ ]by Someonelse
Omega, a troubled, but free willed omega that has been a rogue for years now. Atlas, a young Alpha still looking for his mate. With rogue wolves, unreliable allies, and...
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Soren by claudicorn
Sorenby Claudicorn
Having lived in the forest for almost as long as she can remember, Soren is used to solitude. Her only company the trees and the winds, she lives happily off of the natu...
Undocile ( A Taekook Fanfic- Werewolf au) by TaeTanGukks
Undocile ( A Taekook Fanfic- Werew...by Noonz♡
Undociled- uncontrolled or untamed. Jungkook is an Alpha. He is currently training with his father to learn the ways of becoming the next Alpha of their pack, The Shaded...
I own you demon.  (Bkdk)  by Zozojacksoni
I own you demon. (Bkdk) by Purebloodbakudeku
Izuku was born in hell and was often neglected and never learned how to live in comfort and love his parents often thought of him as the odd ball of the demons in hell t...
FERAL ➸ Ziam by FeelZiam25
FERAL ➸ Ziamby 𝔅𝔬𝔲𝔧𝔢𝔢ℨ𝔦𝔞𝔪
"Liam don't you understand? He's feral." Liam was raised by people. Zayn was raised by wolves. What happens when they meet? Weekly updates! So don't miss a cha...
Lost then found (sterek fanfiction) by silas1365
Lost then found (sterek fanfiction)by silas1365
Stiles has been missing for 7 years, but what happens when he Is found? And what happens when he isn't the same stiles that went missing all those years ago? Feral stile...
A New Life by ap43966
A New Lifeby Annabelle
It is the year 2207, and animals have evolved so much that they are now the species in charge of the earth, just as humans once were. Humans are the new pets, and free h...
My Crew Boys by Allie_yesh
My Crew Boysby Allie
Y/n is right out of a relationship of 5 years and 4 years, you find yourself chilling on Florida's coast with your friend and spot 5 guys. Who are they and who do they t...
Art Book #1 by SmokyBerries
Art Book #1by Blackberry
A book of my art. Enjoy!
The Lost Son by WickedlyTMNT
The Lost Sonby WickedlyTMNT
Based around the 2003 series of TMNT. I have a story that in an alternate timeline of that series, Splinter and the turtles lived together as the series goes but in the...
A Date Would have been a Nice Start by -that-one-ginger-
A Date Would have been a Nice Startby Ryn
Stiles is the last to know when Derek goes feral. He's also the first one Derek bites while he is.
My Crew Boys Extras by Allie_yesh
My Crew Boys Extrasby Allie
This is just my other book My Crew Boys but it goes more in there life after the last chapter! You can send in requests Keep in mind my writing has changed a bit when I...
In Foster Chains  by Crystalzsfox
In Foster Chains by Crystalzsfox
"Kaden, I can't take it anymore... My wings hurt!" "Come on Kia, we'll be safe soon, just hang on a little!" The girl tried as hard as she could, wav...
Feral Girl by MapleLeaf_Reads
Feral Girlby MapleLeaf_Reads
If Willow hadn't shown up on Marshall's door and if his father never became her guardian, then Marshall would have become a UNAR Scientist. But, all that changes, thanks...