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Fictif Last Legacy: x reader oneshots by knightfelix
Fictif Last Legacy: x reader knightfelix
Character oneshots and scenarios for Fictif Last Legacy- Felix, Anisa, Sage and Rime ♡ fluff, hurt-comfort, angst, romance, love ♡ gender-neutral reader
fictif: last legacy x reader oneshots by XOFEFE
fictif: last legacy x reader ꒰ 𝘼𝙎𝙃 ꒱
gender neutral, read bio for request information! characters i write for: sage, anisa, felix, saaros, rime:( beware: i do not own these characters! Nix Hydra does! this...
Moheyra, sans domicile fixe, je lutterai jusqu'a mon dernier souffle...   by kiiinder_93
Moheyra, sans domicile fixe, je kiiinder_93
Moheyra est une jeunne femme a la rue, entre pauvreté et regards de pitié réussira t'elle a lutter ? Histoire 100% fictive !
Last Legacy Scenerios by That_Gay_Bitch_2005
Last Legacy Sceneriosby Jaja~Writes
I haven't seen alot of these and well I really LOVE Last legacy (mostly there for felix) rn so I decided why the frick not 😁😁
Fics Hydra  by shynoniered
Fics Hydra by Shy.~
I DON'T OWN THESE CHARACTERS. Just the MC that will be referred to as Y/N in these(fem Y/N). This is a collection of fanfics and imagines involving the characters of The...
Last legacy things by nothere125
Last legacy thingsby Blue
A series of the thoughts I have about the gang from last legacy. If it's my own opinion or a one-shot I thought of I'll put it here I've never written anything before an...
Fictif, Last Legacy: Oneshots / Headcanons  by idil_the_fangirl
Fictif, Last Legacy: Oneshots / idil_the_fangirl
☆Cover art by, yours truly: me ☆Will write for almost every Last Legacy charecter ☆MC will be gender neutral and if not in certain fics, it will be mentioned ☆I hope you...
random x male reader ★ by anyoneSeen_myGlasses
random x male reader ★by TE AMO LUXE
!!REQUEST OPEN!! I'm a bored homosexual teen so I write a lot of xm!readers I will write for mostly any movie/series i know so leave ur request Not smut (dies in asexua...
last legacy oneshots  by ScaredMessenger
last legacy oneshots by Charlie
Hey people, there is not enough fictif fics So here, take some last legacy.
Fictif Prompt Oneshots! by rainbowsighted
Fictif Prompt Oneshots!by Stoner Jesus
For now, this is mostly just Last Legacy and I will be including Rime in these. I will mention that I am going to write Rime as sadistic as he appears in the chapters...
Beatrice "Birdie" Marino: a fun-loving, sarcastic and clever young woman. A pretty face by day and professional poker player by night, she loves puzzles and re...
Tainted love (DISCONTINUED) by Wolfiethewolf14
Tainted love (DISCONTINUED)by Aries 😩
Judas is a college student with a taste for the movies, while going to the movies with his friend Nicole, Judas loses him and his friends ticket, after waiting for the t...
The Arcana & Fictif one shots/scenarios/head canons/etc  by dottolole
The Arcana & Fictif one shots/ ☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️
As they're closely related fandoms I decided to do one book, there's not much to say yk how these work Read below for boundaries & rules and first chapter for more info ...
Mournfall Academy - Last Legacy Academic AU - Anisa  by dottolole
Mournfall Academy - Last Legacy ☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️
You were just living life in the suburbs of the town you grew up in, working on your education and future while jobbing part time in a coffee shop near your home to make...
fictif || ghosted scenarios by hellokitty_luvr
fictif || ghosted scenariosby hellokitty_luvr
scenarios of the ghosted characters <3
Fictif Fanfics by Elizabeth_Margit
Fictif Fanficsby Elizabeth_Margit
This will just be a whole bunch of Fictif fanfics Please read fictif by Nix hydra as well as The Arcana by Nix hydra MC:Gender neutral Fluffy, Angst, SFW probably not...
A Granny's Legacy (on break) by dottolole
A Granny's Legacy (on break)by ☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️☁️
In the dark ruins of a place long fallen sits a young man, a mage lurked in by the dark arts of necromancy. Candles are scattered around him, his fatigue not halting him...
Last legacy:Elowen x Opeli(OC) by idil_the_fangirl
Last legacy:Elowen x Opeli(OC)by idil_the_fangirl
☆Ok so, Opeli is my fictif MC. ☆I am a big Elowen simp, so this whole book is basically how I would write an Elowen route lol. ☆The beginning of this story is the same...
Recueil de nouvelles by Lisamullerauteur
Recueil de nouvellesby Lisa Muller Auteur
Voici un recueil de nouvelles fictives, sorties de mon imagination.