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Danafinwe Feaelenion Feanorian (Book 1) by The14Generals
Danafinwe Feaelenion Feanorian ( The14Generals
My name is Danafinwe Feaelenion Feanorian. Some call me Dana. Others call me Danafinwe. Very few call me Feanaro. Feanaro is my Father. Grandfather Finwe and only Grandf...
Silmarillion Chatrooms by mad_as_melkor
Silmarillion Chatroomsby crazy mellon
Well, I have never seen a silmarillion chatroom, so I will see how it turns out WARNING : may contain extreme randomness
Memories: Organized Chaos by Qeani-N
Memories: Organized Chaosby Qeani
What happens when our favorite sons of Finwë show up in the modern age? Organized chaos, that's what. See how these elves handle a modern age full of animals, computers...
Tolkien Elf Imagines by helena_jimmy
Tolkien Elf Imaginesby Helena and Jimmy
Imagines for the elves of JRR Tolkien. Requests are appreciated. No NSFWs here. Any elf is fine, but I encourage underappreciated elves. Also open to writing for Valar a...
Iron Hand, Iron Heart: The Sons of Finarfin by Andreth88
Iron Hand, Iron Heart: The Sons Andreth Leigh
The personal account of Colnith, queen and wife to the dead king of the Nandor, the Green-Elves. During her time spent in Menegroth paying homage to Thingol, she is thro...