Firstcontact Stories

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Earth I Celestial Dawn by Robert_Bennet
Earth I Celestial Dawnby Robert Bennet
Miorpeans travel the cosmos in search of sentient life that exists harmoniously within the limits of a planets balanced bio-network. They found the inhabitants of Ear...
Opposite Worlds:Taisho era (Slow Update) by Claerky
Opposite Worlds:Taisho era (Slow Clark
After many decades,the UN research of biology and other institution have successfully completed they're interdimentional transport. the UN transport an small expedition...
Into The Rift by Renegade_Russkiy
Into The Riftby Renegade_Russkiy
Jerome is at the height of his career as a United Nations Operative, his noble job has his skills placed on the line in low profile deployments all across the highly des...
Japan in Alagaësia by zlfnx7jnVft5gmWq1tr
Japan in Alagaësiaby zlfnx7jnVft5gmWq1tr
Japan is transferred to the world of Alagaësia just before the start of Eragon. Inspired by Nihonkoku Shoukan.
Ascending (The Vardeshi Saga Book One) by megpechenick
Ascending (The Vardeshi Saga Meg Pechenick
Twenty-five years ago the Vardeshi came to Earth. Then they vanished without a trace. Graduate student Avery Alcott always knew they would return. When they do, she's th...
Captured and Captivated by TiaDalo
Captured and Captivatedby Tia Dalo
HARPER On the run. Abducted. Rescued by the sexiest alien in the universe. One moment I was falling asleep under the stars in the open trunk of my pickup. The next I wa...
We're Back! - Folician Chronicles 9 by maxd01
We're Back! - Folician Chronicles 9by Mad Max
9th intallment of the Folician Chronicles. The Folician's have decided it is time to come back to Earth. It's been close to 25 years since they left after the previous...
MergePunk: An Ooorah & WattpadPunkFiction Anthology by LayethTheSmackDown
MergePunk: An Ooorah & SmackDown Contests | Ambassad...
In this latest @Ooorah anthology, we team up with Wattpad's own @WattpadPunkFiction. Inspired by a round theme from our Wattpad-famous SmackDowns, sci-fi writers will be...
Epic Tales from Beautiful Minds: An Ooorah Anthology by LayethTheSmackDown
Epic Tales from Beautiful Minds: SmackDown Contests | Ambassad...
Inspired by @rskovach's DECAMERON 2.0, EPIC TALES FROM BEAUTIFUL MINDS is a sci-fi anthology. Spread across multiple sub-genres, EPIC TALES features short stories from W...
Prospect: Paradigm by thepaulbianchi
Prospect: Paradigmby Paul Bianchi
A young archeologist is launched on the adventure of her life when she joins a mixed crew of humans and aliens on a mission to atone for the failings of Earth. *** The T...
New Arrival (Mass Effect Fanfiction) by WinterDrake
New Arrival (Mass Effect WinterDrake
Officer Garrus Vakarian encounters a new species of alien while out on patrol.
The Floating Cradle by MagdaThenAndNow
The Floating Cradleby MagdaThenAndNow
Sixteen-year-old Sarah hasn't seen her sister Allie in nearly a decade thanks to a family feud she can hardly remember. But the world waits for no grudge; around the tim...
Starship Odyssey | ONC 2021 by CharlesSmith9
Starship Odyssey | ONC 2021by Charles Smith
After discovering a spacial anomaly around a dying star, the Starship Odyssey is pulled into an unfamiliar galaxy. The unprecedented arrival of humanity into this region...
Shattered Stars by thebigeasy66
Shattered Starsby Connor Gaymon
Connor didn't remember alien abduction being a part of his college schedule. He doesn't know it, but he's about to learn a whole lot more than what he paid for. Disorien...
The Journey to First Contact by chris_oc_17
The Journey to First Contactby Chris O’Connell
In the Earthen year 2094, a group of scientists, diplomats and scholars make a momentous journey. A journey to a distant world. The most important journey since mankind...
The Strangers: A First Contact Story by emhaeger
The Strangers: A First Contact emhaeger
They came in the night, appearing in Earth's atmosphere out of the blackness of the void. They're eager to begin peaceful negotiations, but what do we really know about...
Contact Effect - Oneshots by ShujaoEra7
Contact Effect - Oneshotsby GlassBox
From relay incident to an absolute annihilation, from small primitive race to a hyper advanced giants. The Citadel Council will be the universe's laughing stock or a res...
Dyson's builder by NikiKamof
Dyson's builderby Niki Kamof
the answer comes to the question, "Are we alone," when a moon sized alien unmanned starship arrives and presents humanity with an offer they cannot refuse: &qu...
Encounter by kgillenwater
Encounterby kgillenwater
Two crew members must deal with a hull breach on a hauling vessel bound for a distant earth colony. Alone and desperate, they make a choice that might alter their lives...
Young Love by shayfali
Young Loveby shayfali
A short drabble on how young love begins.. Based on a dream I had today :) I wrote it immediately because I did not want to forget the feeling..