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His Other Half | Ninjago by the_quiet_jade
His Other Half | Ninjagoby 👑 Ana Jade 🌸
☯️~☯️~☯️ Garmadon and Wu were content in their little monastery, cared for and pampered by a loving father. They didn't think there existed a power that could eradicate...
Hidden- Ninjago by The_lightning_ninja
Hidden- Ninjagoby ⚡️
"They kept us hidden all this time because they wanted everyone to rely solely on the royal family. Well guess what? We're going to get out, and there's no stopping...
The Green Ninja: Beginning Of Destiny (Discontinued) by the_quiet_jade
The Green Ninja: Beginning Of 👑 Ana Jade 🌸
Lloyd is just a regular kid from Jamanakai village with a big dream - the dream of being the best ninja there ever was. However, it all comes true when the First Spinjit...
Grandson of the First Spinjitzu Master by DragonCrystyGarmadon
Grandson of the First Spinjitzu DragonCrystyGarmadon
This story starts a day after Misako and Garmadon get married, and the First Spinjitzu Master is still alive.
Torn Apart (Ninjago x Frozen Crossover) by GoldenOverlord
Torn Apart (Ninjago x Frozen ✨Beanie Twilight✨
Peace: that is what thrived in the realm of Ninjago. It couldn't be happier, it couldn't be brighter, but something is about to change, forever. "'s cov...
Tales From The Master's Scroll | Ninjago One-shots by the_quiet_jade
Tales From The Master's Scroll | 👑 Ana Jade 🌸
Slide open the door to Wu's dojo and step into the candlelit room. Advance towards the table in the corner and let your curiosity dance with the candle's flickering fire...
Five Times Wu Trusted His Team by queen_of_the_woods
Five Times Wu Trusted His Teamby FantasyFreak
...and the one time he knew he couldn't. I have this headcanon that Wu has a really hard time trusting in anybody... but he's always been able to trust his brother. The...
Deltarra: Rise of the New Templar by Crystalquartz24
Deltarra: Rise of the New Templarby TheMasterofStorm
You may have heard of how the First Spinjitzu Master created Ninjago and formed the Elemental Masters. What if he had created a different land... a land which no one in...
Ninjago: Cloak of Conflict Episode 7 The Feeling of Falling by DanLloyd99
Ninjago: Cloak of Conflict Daniel Irwin
Ninjago city endures a fall. Everyone is affected - some for the better and some for worse.
Legacy of Fire: Destruction in Darkness by SteponahenDay
Legacy of Fire: Destruction in Galvatream
Left for dead by the three Oni Warlords, Vendence(Kai) awakens to find himself stranded in Ninjago. Injured, he must rely upon Kaneshiro Garmadon for support, and in the...
Ninjago Timeline by GalaxyGal-11
Ninjago Timelineby GalaxyGal-11
This isn't a fanfic, but for people to under stand my stories, I needed to wrote my headcanon timeline for you so yeah, her ya go