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Hogwarts: A Flower Husbands Fanfic by Seth189
Hogwarts: A Flower Husbands Fanficby Seth Robins
Flower husbands but at Hogwarts. Just so you know Harry Potter isn't a thing. I mean, he's there but like his parents weren't killed and stuff. Dumbledore and Snape are...
KRYO // An Empires SMP Highschool AU by A_Fanfic_Queen
KRYO // An Empires SMP Highschool...by Kiara :>
Kryo; (noun) 'cold' in Greek ... ... Cold; (adjective) lacking affection or warmth of feeling; to be unemotional -- Scott had always been the 'lesser' of the twins. Not...
Empristic Academy  by Waytoomanyfandoms13
Empristic Academy by Noah ✌️(online name)
Basically a Empires Highschool Au, but ✨HYBRIDS/MYTHICAL CREATURES✨ -The list of species are the first chapter! -Xornoth's human name is Xander.
Empires Smp High School Group Chat by MythicalSausage
Empires Smp High School Group Chatby Angel Sausage
A silly little group chat series! Author will be sleep deprived
How the Change has Timed by Seth189
How the Change has Timedby Seth Robins
WARNING: This is my first ever fanfic (may be really bad compared to my others but enjoy!!) Scott's always been gay, but ever since he was a kid, his parents made an arr...
Arranged Marriage // Flower Husbands by s0lverr
Arranged Marriage // Flower Husban...by Seth!
woah another flower husbands that has an arranged marriage storyline??? Yes sir Literally my oneshot but a story
🌹 flower husbands 🌹 by Nyx_Fandom_Freak
🌹 flower husbands 🌹by Nyx_is_gay
smut♥️ - fluff 💞 - angst 🥀 Just some oneshots I'll be making, cause I love flower husband's!<333
Flower Husbands AU 🌼🌺🥀 by Cinnamonthistle1234
Flower Husbands AU 🌼🌺🥀by Cinnamon Is Tired
What happens if Scott kills Jimmy? a short flower husbands AU.
Empire 1 group messages  by Lemn_taTa
Empire 1 group messages by Lemón_tèa Tèa
empires 1 group chat random story line! (Note : there is swearing and inappropriate content) Also for any smut I do there will be this emojis 🌺❤🌺 I hope you enjoy
Blossoming in the attic || R!SMP 🌼💐🌸 by Alienyx
Blossoming in the attic || R!SMP �...by Onyx
FLOWER HUSBANDS FANFIC Jimmy, Scott and Owen are all friend. While Scott and Owen tease Jimmy, he really doesn't mind. One day they were all messing around on one of the...
"Raising the Cod Father." A Seabling story {Empires smp S1 by MRfathernap
"Raising the Cod Father." A Seabli...by King Scott(Nick) <3
Lizzie was born first. But her Brother was second. Twins born at different times. But are the same ages. -Lizzies raises Jimmy with Joels helps and teach him to hunt...
Flower husbands💖💖 by Icicle1131
Flower husbands💖💖by Icey
Ok so im gonna sink hours into writing shit about flower husbands instead of school work 😍😍
Flowers, Wings, Slime and Neglect by Lexi_Butterflys
Flowers, Wings, Slime and Neglectby Lexi
After a tragic departure in 3rd life, Scott is devastated that jimmy isn't talking to him. Meanwhile Jimmy is mad at Scott but also sad that he lost his true love. As th...
The Voice by Jeremyismisthebest
The Voiceby Jeremyismisthebest
After Xornoth's defeat, all was well. Until the feast in Rivendell was hosted. Voices calling out to Jimmy, telling him to find them. Meanwhile, Scott has been researchi...
Flowering Love ||Flower Husbands ; Hanahaki Disease|| by EDDIExISxHOT
Flowering Love ||Flower Husbands ;...by 𝐭⟟𝐭𝐭⟟𝐞 𝐭𝐨𝐭𝐬
itts 11pm and i crave angst Hanhaki Disease is a fictional disease in which the victim coughs up flower petals when they suffer from one-sided love. It ends when the bel...
MCYT Oneshots [requests open] by icyicarus
MCYT Oneshots [requests open]by scotty
THIZ IZ C! NOT CC! !!! i'm only zticking with fluff, angzt, and hurt comfort. if i get ANY requeztz for zmut i will mozt likely ignore it. i will take requeztz within th...
I'm Better Lost by Aster_of_the_end
I'm Better Lostby OliTheOwl18
Jimmy is a thief, he has been for quite a while. How else are he and his sister going to make ends meet? One day, he steals the wrong item and almost gets them both caug...
MCYT Oneshots by RowenaRaven665
MCYT Oneshotsby Ax Fantasma
Just a book where I dump all of my MCYT related ideas that are too short to be full on stories and probably too long for a typical onseshot. Will have Hermitcraft, Empir...
Empires SMP Oneshots by daisy-mooon
Empires SMP Oneshotsby daisy-mooon
A collection of Empires SMP oneshots that have been posted on my Archive of Our Own account, daisy_mooon.
Life series oneshots <333  by realUn1team1o1
Life series oneshots <333 by realUn1team1o1
hi I'm purpled he/they or it/its [requests open] ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡