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Side Character Transmigration: Loving the Villainess Chef by 8888ahce8888
Side Character Transmigration: Ahce Darato Torres
Rirri is a demigoddess born without elemental powers but possesses a virtual world space. She was only a newborn baby when her parents left the god's domain to seek the...
Twelve Angry Guests by lyttlejoe
Twelve Angry Guestsby lyttlejoe
Six couples receive mysterious invitations for an all-expenses- paid stay at the private island resort of a notorious billionaire, with only the names and a few vague id...
Recipes  by Queenie_Nerd
Recipes by Taylor Marie
I own nothing. These are recipes I found
The Only Montana Girl by Entrustedlove
The Only Montana Girlby Jin Wise
Nanine (TN) Montana, 16. Nag iisang babae o isang mutya ng Pamilyang Montana. Magustuhin sa away pero malambing pagdating sa mga Kuya. (MAFIA BASED) Start: February 28...
If Abuela knew Mirabel's Gift  by TriXxy321
If Abuela knew Mirabel's Gift by TriXxy321
Hi :) this is my first book and I'm new to writing, so there might be some mistakes here and there. I know the Encanto Fandom is kinda dying but I wanted to make a book...
My dream date by I_am_shimper
My dream dateby I_am_shimper
Please be patient with the story.
မခွဲခင် ( Before We Break Up ) by sunday_urholiday
မခွဲခင် ( Before We Break Up )by sunday is ur holiday
One Side Diary Fiction အညို့ အကြောင်း ကိုယ့်အကြောင်းပေါ့ . . .
Forevermore by annalicemoon
Forevermoreby annalicemoon
What is it like to be in a relationship? Sometime people wonder if everything is as easy as ABC or as clear as black and white. Maybe some things are grey or maybe as co...
Breakfast on Tuesday by LadyAltagracia
Breakfast on Tuesdayby Lady Altagracia
Carla has never had a boyfriend and she hates all the days of the week, especially Tuesdays. She wakes up grumpy every day and believes she's therefore unlovable. But...
I Don't Want To Be A Troll!! by MadArter
I Don't Want To Be A Troll!!by Mada R. Ter
Sally LeBlanc had the worst luck, but she never thought she'd be whisked away to a fairy tale kingdom when mistaken for her neighbour. Now she's on the run from a beauti...
Desired Numbers || TPN FFC by hellofayee
Desired Numbers || TPN FFCby Faye
❝I'm Always here for you,❞ ***...
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Dining Out by TelephoningWIFI
Dining Outby TelephoningWIFI
In this story I explore emotions and time, in a setting while dining out. *This story is pure fiction*
Hey Angel by xoxoHAZZxoxo
Hey Angelby zayn's peasant
"I'm bored" Jade said "let's play a game" "We can play kiss and blow? Or something" Theodore said "What about...Truth or Dare" Th...
Across the Quay by einsy1c
Across the Quayby einsy
How drastically can life change?
I love you for INFINITY /REKI X KAZUMI(oc) by iloverekikyansm
I love you for INFINITY /REKI X 🍔
A girl named Ai kazumi has been moved from korean to japanese she was born in japanese but her family moved to korean and after six years they moved back to japanese. Ka...
The Charming Starlight by Manallie_08
The Charming Starlightby Manalloo
[A BILLIONAIRE STORY] |Life can be hard sometimes, never stop believing in yourself and always have faith, everything is temporary| >>>>>>>>> ...
Questions :D by aliceissuffering
Questions :Dby ♡
some questions you answer i answer aswell simple
Fmi Research Reports by anshuroy146
Fmi Research Reportsby
Future Market Insights (FMI) is a leading provider of market intelligence and consulting services, serving clients in over 150 countries.
Koleksi Resepi by shuhaidasubri
Koleksi Resepiby Shuhaida Subri
Koleksi resepi yang paling simple dan sedap. Anyone can cook! Yang penting kena rajin 😀 1. Tomyam Ayam 2. Ayam Bakar 3. Nugget Ayam 4. Kek Coklat Moist 5. Ayam Goreng...