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I Call Her Blueberry by kimmyxad
I Call Her Blueberryby kimmyxad
"If my lip wasn't a wreck. I would kiss you so intensely right now that our lips burnt and I wouldn't stop until your lips awoken in realization that my lips was th...
My Family, My Mate, The Age Gap and Me. by TaliaNyx
My Family, My Mate, The Age Gap TaliaNyx
This is a spin off of my earlier story: I Dream About My Teacher. This is Drew and Sofia's journey, please join them as they navigate finding their mate, their families...
Forbidden Love but Worth Fighting for (COMPLETED) by babyshengqt
Forbidden Love but Worth xxS_Maexx
This is a short story about a girl loving the man that is close to her heart, would the boy love her back? This story consists 3 chapters only. Plagiarism is a crime. ...
Girls Vs. Boys by _Nerdy_Geeky_Dorky_
Girls Vs. Boysby Food_Gal🍟🍟🍕🍗
Lucy,Levy,and Juvia spend all there lives fighting crime. The face all different villains in the world. But they never faced....... Natsu,Gajeel,and Gray. NaLu,GrUvia,Ga...
Forbidden yet Sweet ( A vocaloid fanfic ) ( Gakupo Kamui X Luka Megurine ) by Aaruna_Burin09
Forbidden yet Sweet ( A vocaloid Aaruna⭐️Burin
This is a story of a 16 year old student named Luka Megurine. She isn't your standard female heroine, she isn't girly or ladylike instead she is described as a delinquen...
Behind Her Mask by CMarieDavis
Behind Her Maskby Caitlin
"Why wear a mask?" "Why not?" Reclusive, bookish, quiet. Those are all words to describe Reed Jamison; that is, if you ask the other students at Spri...
Cursed by HolleySmith2
Cursedby Holley Smith
***************COMPLETED!************* It's too late. It's too late to stop this, Sarina looked down at the gaping hole in her chest, her eyes shocked. She had loved him...
Nonsense: The Romance Between Borders || Mafia Au by kirennssss
Nonsense: The Romance Between xXKirenchuXx
The White Ravens and The Black Fang. The oldest and the biggest Mafia operations to ever exist. They have been at war for a long time. And they never seemed to have sto...
Unforgiven by sopomari
Unforgivenby sopomari
"True forgiveness is when you can say, "Thank you for that experience." ― Oprah Winfrey "You know,one of the best quality of person is forgi...
Still Breathing by rewriting_the_stars
Still Breathingby Emily
Esme had never believed in true love. She didn't believe in wolfs, witchs, or fairies. The world was nothing but a dull and boring. That all changed when she meant Jonat...
friendshit by myst0ries9
friendshitby myst0ries9
friendships don't get ruined by accident
Brick by Boring Brick by taylorlong222
Brick by Boring Brickby tay long
imagine, finally embracing a perfect world, where everthing you could have ever dreamed off all in one place, came to life, where all your friends are fairies , mermaids...
Forbidden yet Sweet II ( A vocaloid fanfic ) ( Gakupo Kamui X Luka Megurine ) by Aaruna_Burin09
Forbidden yet Sweet II ( A Aaruna⭐️Burin
Just a continuation of Forbidden Yet Sweet... But- Luka's finally a Senior High Student! Gakupo? Umm still a teacher. Of course. A lot of ups and downs happened in the...
Forbidden Love by xprettygirlherex
Forbidden Loveby xprettygirlherex
Taylor spends the summer with her grandparents in Rome. While she went hiking and got in some trouble she meets a very special someone. When she finds who he really and...
Bleeding Wolf by BeautifulMurder
Bleeding Wolfby Jessls
Carnage and blood shed are the first things the children see in this world. The Great War has been going on for years. It will only continue unless someone changes the r...
Two Trucks | Inspired by "Two Trucks" by Lemon Demon by muchswagthanyou
Two Trucks | Inspired by "Two Much Swag
Badussy is a truck from a factory named, "Swalla." She finds her soulmate when she locks eyes with a handsome, charming truck named, "Fitzgerald." He...
Akuma High by TamadManunulat
Akuma Highby Lazywrites-_-
Akuma High Written by:TamadManunulat Date Started: November 4 2021 Date Finished: ----
We all have secrets to our Lives by hannahkaitlyn_
We all have secrets to our Livesby hannahkaitlyn_
Somethings can bring out the worst side in you. Some people can change you. Then. Somethings can bring out the best in you. Speak. Hide. Love. Control... Thats how i liv...